10 Surprising Tips To Staying Focused On Goals and Priorities

Everyone has dreams that they want to achieve, but very few actually manage to stay focused enough to attain them. Life has a way of distracting us from what we really want to do. It can almost feel like you need to just learn to live without the achievements you want. As easy as it could be to leave your projects to rot by the wayside, you know you shouldn’t do that to yourself.

Believe it or not, staying focused on a goal can be fairly easy to do. It’s all about knowing how to look at your goals and using the right tricks to stay on task. These simple tips, for example, can make a world of change when used correctly.

  1. Use the “hour a day” method. When you get home from work, what do you do? If you’re like many people out there, you sit down in front of the TV or your iPad and veg out for a bit. Most people will chill out for at least an hour of their time. That time is really time wasted.

    What would happen if you decided to devote an hour of that time to your goal instead? You would start making progress, that’s what!

  2. Make sure that your goals are really yours. This might sound confusing, but hear me out. A lot of people on this planet halfheartedly pursue goals they don’t really want, simply because other people tell them that they should do so. In many cases, people who chase goals that aren’t theirs do so because of the status they’d bring.

    It’s a common phenomenon. We see it with singles who want to get married rather than have a marriage. We see it with football players who hate the sport but join the team so they can be popular.

    Take a look at your goals and be honest with yourself. Is this really what you want? Or, are you looking to achieve these things because people would treat you differently as a result? If it’s not really about the goal itself, you need to rethink your goals before you make a serious mistake. If it is about the goal, you’ll feel way more motivated to work on it after you think about it.

  3. Hang out with others who are chasing similar dreams. The funny thing about motivation and focus is that they’re contagious. If you surround yourself with people who are working towards their goals, you will eventually start to behave like them and act like them. This is one of the reasons why successful people tend to click with other people like them.
  4. Visualize the end result. Close your eyes and think about how great it’ll be to have the kind of success you have been yearning for. Feels good, doesn’t it? Use that great feeling as motivation to work towards your dreams. Studies show that people who visualize what success will look like are far more likely to keep focused on attaining their goals than people who don’t.
  5. Plan for success. The most successful people aren’t successful by accident; they planned their way there. They lined up every little step to take, and then followed through. Breaking your success down into smaller, more attainable steps makes it easier to stay focused and work your way towards success.
  6. Add a daily dose of positivity to your life. With all the naysayers and haters out there, it’s really easy to lose the motivation and self-belief you need in order to meet your goals. That’s why it’s so important to look for positive news and uplifting stories around you. The optimism those stories impart can change your outlook for the better and keep you focused, even when others tell you to stop.
  7. Remind yourself that your goal trumps others’ goals for you. Did you ever notice how often people try to force others to live lives similar to theirs? It’s a common occurrence. Our society has a twisted tendency of telling others how to live, even going so far as to make us all feel obligated for following a certain life script.

    Obviously, this can be devastating for your dreams. You need to remind yourself that others’ expectations of you are not as important as your ability to reach your goals. Learn to say “no” to others when they start pushing you away from your goals and remember that “no” is a full answer.

    If people can’t handle you living your life on your terms, they should not be allowed near you.

  8. Cut out time wasters. We all know people and hobbies that don’t really do much aside from suck away time. Time wasters will not help you get anywhere near your goal, even if they “talk the talk.” It’s all about doing, not saying.

    If you get the feeling that someone isn’t serious about working with you or helping you out, distance yourself from them. They will not be able to do much aside from distracting you.

  9. Hold yourself accountable. If you don’t reach your goals, people around you won’t be affected. They will be able to make ends meet, enjoy life, and do other things. They won’t care about what you did or didn’t do.

    Do you know who will be worse off for those dreams you missed? You. It’s your career, your future, and your reputation that’s on the line. So, hold yourself accountable and remind yourself that working towards those dreams is in your best interest.

  10. Stop giving into excuses. All the planning, networking, and chatting won’t do an ounce of good if you don’t stick to your plans. When you allow yourself an excuse to stop working on your goals, all you’re doing is delaying success or encouraging failure.

    There are people out there who achieved their dreams, even when they faced homelessness and poverty. Everyone can make an excuse. Not everyone can overcome them in order to be a better person. Stop making excuses, and start making progress. It’s the only

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