Taking Baby Steps Can Help You Stay Motivated And Accomplishing Your Dreams

by Brandon Lee

The great wall of china started with 1 brick.
The great pyramids started with 1 stone.

Michael Jordan started by throwing one basketball through a hoop. He probably missed a handful of shots before he made his next shot.

Tiger Woods started by watching someone else play golf before he took his first swing. He swung once, and again, and again, and again.

You read a book by starting with the first word.
You run a marathon by taking the first step.

Warren Buffett had to learn how to make $1 before he made $1000, $10,000 before he made $100,000, $1,000,000 before $10,000,000, and $100,000,000 before $1,000,000,000.

If you want to write a book, just start with 1 page. Maybe even 1 page a week.

Consistency is what changes the game.

Small wins over a long period of time payoff more than just 1 big win.

It’s less exciting, but it works.

Learning bit by bit to get more and more definition.

Pixel by pixel, stroke by stroke to create a masterpiece of art.

Word by word, line by line to craft a monologue or the State of the Union Address.

Realizing that every great composition started with just a single note, or every billionaire started by making a few dollars makes it seem like a lot less of a challenge than making a goal like “one day I’ll write a book” or “one day I’ll write a song” or “one day I’ll start a business.”

100 small steps seems much less daunting than taking one GINORMOUS step.

When you take 100 small steps, there’s time between each step. It’s slow, steady, more calculated, there’s less risk of missing the main point altogether because you can adjust your course as you go.

When you try to take a step as large as 100 small ones, there’s a big chance you might miss the goal — just a little wind might change the angle — and you exert a LOT more energy. Chances are, you’ve never taken a step this large either, so you might even hurt yourself.

Everyone can take a small step.

Everyone can take a second step.

It takes being able to see the bigger picture to have the tenacity to continue until you hit the 100,000th step.

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