42 Non-U.S. Music Festivals You Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re from North America, then you probably know a lot of the festivals that goes on. Even though the season might be over for now, but around the world, the party never stops.

1. Life Festival, Ireland

Life Festival, Ireland

2. Dance Valley, Netherlands

Dance Valley, Netherlands

3. Bal en Blanc, Canada

Bal en Blanc, Canada

4. Boom, Portugal

Boom, Portugal

5. Transylvania Calling, Romania

Transylvania Calling, Romania

6. Hard Bass, Netherlands

Hard Bass, Netherlands

7. Sensation, Netherlands/Worldwide

Sensation, Netherlands/Worldwide

8. Shambhala, Canada

Shambhala, Canada

9. Outlook Festival, Croatia

Outlook Festival, Croatia

10. kaZantip, Ukraine

kaZantip, Ukraine

11. Balaton Sound, Hungary

Balaton Sound, Hungary

12. Hideout, Croatia

Hideout, Croatia

13. Street Parade, Switzerland

Street Parade, Switzerland

14. Snowbombing, Austria

Snowbombing, Austria

15. BPM Festival, Mexico

BPM Festival, Mexico

16. 10 Days Off, Belgium

10 Days Off, Belgium

17. Astropolis, France

Astropolis, France

18. Berlin Festival, Germany

Berlin Festival, Germany

19. Global Gathering, UK

Global Gathering, UK

20. Tomorrowland, Belgium

Tomorrowland, Belgium

21. Qlimax, Worldwide

Qlimax, Netherlands

22. Creamfields, Worldwide

Creamfields, Worldwide

23. Monegros Desert Festival, Spain

Monegros Desert Festival, Spain

24. Djakarta Warehouse Project, Indonesia

Djakarta Warehouse Project, Indonesia

25. Stereosonic, Australia

Stereosonic, Australia

26. The Garden Festival, Croatia

The Garden Festival, Croatia

27. Labyrinth, Japan

Labyrinth, Japan

28. Sónar, Spain

Sónar, Spain

29. ZoukOut, Singapore

ZoukOut, Singapore

30. South West Four, UK

South West Four, UK

31. Melt! Festival, Germany

Melt! Festival, Germany

32. Full Moon Party, Thailand

Full Moon Party, Thailand

33. Electronic Family Festival, Amsterdam

Electronic Family Festival, Amsterdam

34. Transahara, Morocco

Transahara, Morocco

35.  Sunburn Goa, India

Sunburn Goa, India

36. Sonne Mond Sterne, Germany

Sonne Mond Sterne, Germany

37. Nature One, Germany

Nature One, Germany

38. Defqon 1, Netherlands/Australia

Defqon 1, Netherlands/Australia

39. Welcome to the Future, Netherlands

Welcome to the Future, Netherlands

40. Future Music Festival, Australia/Malaysia

Future Music Festival, Australia/Malaysia

41. Mysteryland, Netherlands/Croatia

Mysteryland, Netherlands/Croatia

42. Audioriver, Poland

Audioriver, Poland