Chinese Wedding Attracts Jealous Commentators Online

Pictures of southern Chinese wedding is going viral on Chinese social media. It all started when the popular Hong Kong TV host, Bob Lam, posted the photo of the bride with her jewelry

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, the bride’s dowry was worth several million yuan [1 million yuan = $151,843.00]

Picture of money and gold bracelets

2fa6ae140d2d2f62474dae74cc2c9749Unfortunately, the report did not disclose where the source of the money is, but just said they have a family owned business.


Since pictures started going around the internet, it drawn ire and jealous comments.





Translation: “If I had the money, I’d rather have a romantic wedding on a lawn or beach. This couple has money but is shameful.”





“This wedding was put on as an outward show (of wealth)

I’d be jealous too…

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