7 Obvious Signs You are Spending Too Much Money

If you are always running out of money, you are probably spending too much of it. Keep track of your spending before it gets out of control. Here are clear signs you need to change your spending habits.

1. You have too much stuff.

Hoarder. Spendthrift. Impulsive buyer. Shopaholic. Whatever you call it, you are spending waaaaay too much money on things that aren’t really necessary.


2. You become a hermit a few days after pay day.

You say no to friends and co-workers when they ask you to hangout. You can’t afford it. You partied like there’s no tomorrow last weekend.

mean girls


3. You try to remember why you ran out of cash. 

What did I buy? Where did I go? How much was it? What happened?


4. Your don’t want to open your credit card bills.

The bills are piling up, you don’t want to open them anymore. It’s frustrating.


5. You count the days until the next pay day.

You can’t sleep. You anticipate the coming of the next pay day.


6. You don’t have any savings.

You have a decent job, a decent place and you own pretty decent things. Except for a decent savings account.


7. You invite your close friends over and ask them to bring food.

Bonding + Freeloading


Sounds familiar? If you find yourself in any of these situations, it’s time to do something about it. The struggle is real. Learn how to manage your finances and free yourself from debts.