25 Photos of Supernatural Wealth That Are Routine in Dubai

This Arabian city is a widely-recognized capital of unbelievable oil money. People there seem to try all known ways to entertain themselves and even move along the Jordan Belford’s party list. And they’re searching for something new now. That’s why shocked tourists can easily spot a wild cat sleeping peacefully in a passenger’s seat or a fleet of abandoned supercars. No one is surprised anymore, maybe we should call it ‘cultural differences’.

$1223 dollars cupcake is really made of gold
$1223 dollars, that cupcake better be made of gold

Wild animals are treated like pets


This guys rides the lion like it’s a pony


And another one Lion King is guarding the car


Why does he need a turtle pyramide?

No sharks, really? So where can I leave mine?
No sharks

This toy-looking bike turns Dubai in a giant playground for rich men.
Posh toy

This limo is longer than an average city bus
Super limo

Some people prefer a jet-pack. It costs about $500 dollars per second

That’s what they call double-wides

Nothing special, just a diamond car
Diamond cars

Abandoned super cars are routine in Dubai. No one needs them

Gold vending machines
gold vending machines

This is how Starbucks looks in Dubai

Where can you see Batmobile? In movie, yes, but at the streets of Dubai as well

Bugattis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and many other luxury cars patrol the city. Cops should be happy
Bugattis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis

A new super car is being delivered

Probably the most expensive traffic jam in the world


Cell phones cost more than a house
Cell phones worth more than your house

Free food for the poor
Free food for the poor

Ladies who dream of wealth must read this article before moving to Dubai
Gentle whipping

Who plays this table football, David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Golden table football

Indoor ski resort. Any entertainment you can imagine is available
Indoor ski resort

The highest tennis court in history
The highest tennis cort

Two sets of artificial islands
two sets of artificial islands