This method helped me earn $500 a day (or more) on Pinterest!

I’m at home a lot these days. Which is a good and a bad thing. Okay, for me, it is more of a bad thing because expenses keep rolling in and the income that I make writing and whatnot are not in equal footing, you know what I mean? Anyway, today, I found out this cool way to earn money on Pinterest and earning money anywhere, especially through a site as DIY and information-friendly as Pinterest, is definitely cool.

It all started when I came across this lifehack article, which gave tips on how to use advertisement platforms in blogs and websites and I thought, hey that’s cool and interesting and easy!

I’ve decided to use Pinterest in earning some money because it seemed to me like a very busy site. To strengthen my theory, researched on it and came across an article written by Craig Smith for Digital Marketing Ramblings. The article states that 70 MILLION PEOPLE use this application. Although it may not be as big as let’s say Facebook or Instagram, it’s a lot easier to use; its efficiency in categorizing topics you can search through is amazing.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years now and I keep on hearing about these blogs earning money from Pinterest and other sites so I got real curious and thought about giving that a shot myself. How did I start? Here are three easy steps:

1. Put up your own website or blog.

If you have one that’s already generating a reasonable amount of traffic then you can use that.

2. Decide on the right advertising platform you can use.

I’ve learned that you can maximize opportunities by using several platforms.

3. Set up a Pinterest account.

So now that that’s all set, we can concentrate on what Pinterest has to offer to help us generate a couple of bucks.

1. Sign in (Well. Duh.)

2. Go check out the Popular tab.

3. Run through Categories. They’re the little boxes on the top part of the Popular Page. This is the thing I like most about Pinterest – it’s pretty amazeballs when it comes to efficiency!

4. Select 100 photos that are the most popular based on the number of likes they have generated. Select them from the most popular categories (you can tell if a category is doing well based on the number of people following that category).

5. Right click and save the photos on your computer. It would definitely save you some time if you make a folder on your desktop marked PINTEREST so you can direct all saved photos there.

6. Upload ALL the photos from your PINTEREST folder to the blog you made. Now this is the part where you’re probably thinking, “Well, this is crazy.” This isn’t. This bit might take time but you’ll thank me later when you buy that new Ikea couch you’ve been eyeing.

7. Pin photos from your blog and write really simple but targeted descriptions.

Heard about this totally fun thing called SEO? Search Engine Optimization is what will help you direct traffic to your blog and is key in making money on Pinterest. It’s when you use common words that around 5,678, 907,687 people look up on the internet each day. You can type up to 200 characters on Pinterest, so that means you can put in useful words that are ultra-searchable online.

8. Eat chips.

Eat chips. Watch HIMYM reruns. Walk your dog. Whatever, dude. Waste some time or make separate blogs for each popular Pinterest Category. In minutes, folks will be busy re-Pinning your stuff!

Since you’ve only started, it’s understandable if your chosen advertising platform is just situated anywhere on the blog, so long as it is already there. Remember, you can’t earn money from Pinterest or anywhere else if you don’t use one or several platforms that can direct traffic and ads to your feed.

The writer of the lifehack article I mentioned in the earlier part of this post tells us about different platforms that can be used and how effective each one can be for various types of sites. So for my determined purpose of earning money on Pinterest, I’ve looked at other ways to earn money by Pinning through ad platforms that create traffic and other applications that can also be utilized.

1. Google AdSense

This is definitely one of the easiest advertising tools to set up. You just register then link it to Blogger or you can paste a code on your website. But is it really all just easy peasy for AdSense? Ditesco of iblogzone says that deciding to use AdSense to earn money on Pinterest requires strategy and considerable effort.   You have to study placement of the ads to see which locations on your page are visible and if they generate enough interest. According to that self-same article, you should also make sure that the content you put in is interesting enough for traffic to come in. Content according to her is critical.

2. Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is a website-dependent platform. It helps link content from your source to your website so that you can earn money as an affiliate. Approval may take some time but this is perfectly legit and there are several top earning blogs that hosts this.

3. Amazon

You need to sign up as an affiliate for Amazon as well. Once you’re approved as an affiliate, you can earn money from Pinterest. As YouTube webinars show, you can start by reposting and pinning stuff on your blog that you grabbed from the Popular pins on Pinterest. Like we discussed earlier in this post, this will help direct traffic to your page and will direct them to Amazon. If the link has come from your page, the Amazon page will register that you are the referral of that product if someone buys it. That’s when you start earning money.

4. Viraliti Referral

What Viraliti does is, it connects brands and bloggers and helps you spread the word and earn money through referrals. Basically, you have to sign up with them first and once you have been accepted, you will be directed to brands and products that you can choose from to promote. Just hit Pin It and you’re on your way.

Aside from that, you can refer Viraliti to friends and you can earn money off whatever they earn, too. With minimal effort, you can make money on a daily or monthly basis from this as well. And it’s still connected to Pinterest!

Not much information though on how much you can earn from this according to the Moms Make Money blog, but currently, if your earnings reach $30, Viraliti can release those funds to you.

There are a number of other ways indicated online on how to earn money using Pinterest, Blogger, and even Tumblr. Honestly, I cannot wait to try all of them but right now, let’ s just say you can start calling me Le Professional Pinner.

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