Surprising Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Have you ever wondered what are the habits of smart people? To your surprise, smart people are not born with their talents nor do they have innate abilities that you don’t poses. Often times these people have developed habits to throughout their life to get to where they were.

Common good habits smart people have

They are persistent

You would think that smart people would be smart throughout their life, and have everything given to them easily, but you’d be surprised that famous people like Albert Einstein didn’t even speak until he was four, or Bill Gates’ first business fail.

Even Thomas Edison didn’t get the light bulb correct until he had 10,000 failed attempts. His famous quote:

I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

And Ben Franklin was a dropout at the age of 10.

But what these famous people have in common is that they were persistent in what they did.

They set goals

With persistency, comes with having a clear goal. These smart people don’t just dilly dally around, they have a goal in mind and they do whatever they can to reach that goal.

There was a study where students were given four weeks to accomplish a goal in three different ways:

  • No written goals – students didn’t write down their goals.
  • Written goals – students wrote down their goals.
  • Shared goals with friends – students wrote down their goals and shared it with their friends.

Can you guess the outcome?

43% of the people who didn’t write their goals down accomplished them. 64% of the students who wrote down their goals did accomplish them. 76% of the students who shared their goals with their peers reached their goals.

If you’re trying to set your goal, its better to share it with your friends or family to help you reach your goal.

They are avid readers

Smart people are avid readers. You can certainly agree that there are benefits to reading books.

Here are some common benefits these famous smart people get from reading books:

  • Increases verbal skills
  • Helps articulate thought
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves writing skills
  • Improved memory

Did you know that reading 15 minutes a day can help expose you to more than 1,000,000 words a year?

They are self disciplined

It’s quite interesting the IQ level is a good indicator of rates of virginity amongst adolescences. 87% of all undergraduate students have had sex compared to top schools like Harvard (59%), Princeton (56%), and MIT (51%)

They think about thinking

A trait that these smart people have is metacognition – where they’re aware and understand their own thought process. This type of cognition encourages critical thinking and helps maximize cognitive skills.

Common bad habits that’ll surprise you

Now, on to the bad habits. Lets see if you can relate to any of these.

They tend to drink

Studies show that intelligent children are more likely to drink  as adults, compared to their peers.

They use drugs

People with average IQ of 107 and greater tend to do 2x to 3x more illegal drugs than their peers.

They are night owls

Smart people with higher IQ, sleep later at night. However, sleeping late can be bad for you too. Sleep deprivation increases:

  • risk of heart disease
  • risk of obesity
  • likelihood of depression

They are anxious

There’s was a study that shows patients with higher IQ tend to have anxiety disorder. Some chronic anxiety can lead to:

  • depression
  • smoking
  • neuroticism

This interesting infographic from online-phd-programs and provides a deeper look into the good and bad habits of smart people.