Cool Robohand For 7 Yr. Old Boy Born Without Fingers

Orono High School students created a robohand for 7 year old boy Johnny Skoog. He was born with a thumb, but no other fingers in his right hand. His aunt asked a technology and engineering teacher if it’d possible to make Johnny a robotic hand as a project using the school’s 3D printer.

Nine months and several prototypes later, teacher Mark Vonder Haar and his students presented Johnny their final project. It was simple and made of plastic, but the fingers bend and curl when Johnny bends his wrist. Pretty cool, huh?

“To help another person with their disability, to give them wholeness or raise their self-esteem is a great feeling,” Mark Vonder Haar says.

The students found out that creating a hand for someone else was fulfilling for them. As for Johnny, he can now play and fully hold anything with his robohand.

How do you make a robohand?┬áIf you have access to a 3D printer, it really isn’t that hard. For hobbyists or someone who is interested in simple robotics, there are available DIY kits by Arduino under $300.

Materials and steps here.