6 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Suck and 1 Reason Why It’s Worth It

Long Distance Relationships

Photo: flickr/Beckie0

Long distance relationships suck. There are actually hundreds of reasons why it’s a bad idea, mostly trivial and tolerable but these 6 pretty much hit it.

1. Your SO (Significant other) can’t be there during important events in your life.

They can’t make it on your birthday, Christmas, New Years, your graduation, your parent’s wedding anniversary and other milestones in your life. Especially when they live in another continent that is thousands of miles away from you. Plane fares are expensive and they have a life of their own. They can’t just pack their bags and leave. If both of you live in the same country but in different cities, well good for you. Somehow you can work it out. You can visit each other more often if both your schedules permit it.

2. He/She can’t comfort you when you’re sick or lonely and you just need a hug.¬†

Yep. Same reasons. It’s just sad that when you’re alone and you miss them, there’s nothing you can do but deal with it – alone. You can call them, text or video chat. You have to thank technology for making it possible to feel connected even when you’re thousands of miles away from each other. Most LDR couples are glued to their phone, but that is not enough. Everyone feels lonely sometimes, and we all know that physical presence is important. A simple hug can make your troubles go away.

If you’re sick, they aren’t there to take care of you. Maybe when you’re terminally ill and you’re dying, then that’s enough reason to fly and see you. Again, this is for those with partners who live at the other side of the world. For those who live in the same country, stop whining and count your blessings. You can do something about it.

3. There’s always that feeling of fear that one of you might cheat or find someone new.

Because of all these reasons, you fear that you might lose them. Loneliness can lead to other things. You know, cheating.

4. You’re always without partner when you’re out with your friends and they’re all coupled up.

You 3rd, 5th or 7th wheel your friends when you go out. As if that isn’t awkward enough, they rub it on your face by canoodling with their partners in public.

You watch your girl friends drink and enjoy parties without having to worry so much if they’d still be alive the next day. Their SO can take care of them, protect them from the creepers and drive them home safely. Your guy friends won’t have to worry about their girl getting drunk and possibly molested by creepers because they’re there. They won’t have to go home alone and lonely. No more drunken hookups.

While you… well, you just have to suck it up.

5. It’s hard to resolve issues over phone or text.

If you live in different countries, there’s the time difference. When you need to talk about something important, your schedules get in the way that you have to postpone it later until you forget about it. Or until both of you decided to just forget about it because you don’t want to waste your free time arguing. Nothing is resolved and it eats you inside. Ever heard of accumulated rage?

6. You have to endure the agony of waiting for the day you’ll be together again.

When you’re together, it’s like no one else exists. It’s all rainbows and butterflies and you couldn’t get enough of each other like you’re in a perpetual honeymoon. But like everything else, good things end too. Both of you have to go back to your lives and wait for the day you’ll be together again. Aside from separation anxiety, you have to endure #1-4 all over again.

Sometimes, you even ask yourself why you agreed to be in this kind of set-up. Why stay in a long distance relationship when you can choose someone who lives in the same post code? Is it worth the time and emotional investments?

Reason why it’s worth it

You know your love is true and worth fighting for. You have seen relationships fail around you because unlike you and your SO, they are not as committed to each other. You know that if you survive this, you can survive anything. Long distance relationships are hard, but they can work. You can make it work.