33 Creative And Adorable DIY Ornaments You Gotta Check Out

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re up to be a little crafty, you’ll enjoy these adorable and creative ornaments. Your friends’ tree will be envious of your tree…

1. Make Charlie Brown ornaments out of felt!


While you’re making these, make sure to watch the inarguably the best Christmas movie of all time.

2. Or these little adorable Christmas pickles!

It’s actually a thing.

3. Fill a clear ornament with sprinkles.


4. These cinnamon-applesauce heart ornaments aren’t edible, but they smell devine.

5. Make an ornament from old CDs.

6. A glittery mustache perks up any tree.

7. Get creative with a thumbprint reindeer.

8. Make ornaments out of balls of yarn.

9. Fold paper into paper flowers.

10. Or into this origami-inspired ornament.

11. How about using an old map?

12. Don’t have origami skills? Make these modern paper ornaments.

13. Put brass tacks to a creative new use.

14. Stamp salt dough for these cute ornaments. You definitely have these ingredients already.

15. Create these modern cube ornaments.

16. Or how about these wrapped ornaments.

17. Make mini stenciled plate ornaments.

18. Cover an old ornament in strips of newspaper.

19. Melt crayons to achieve this colorful swirled effect.

20. Create vintage skeleton keys.

21. Use old plastic figurines to make glittery animal ornaments.

22. Learn how to knit teeny tiny sweaters.

23. And these mittens too.

24. Bend wire into personalized ornaments.

25. Make an igloo out of cardboard.

26. Make chalkboard bulbs and write creative or inspiring words for people to read.

27. Also these for inspiring quotes:

28. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Make a Golden Snitch ornament.

29. Or a LEGO Death Star ornament.

30. Make imprints on air-dry clay with a piece of lace or doily.

31. Make macaroni snowflakes.

32. Make some festive seed ornaments for them lovely doves, they love Christmas, too. Remember Home Alone?

33. And finally bring back memories of those camp days by melting beads together.