Coffee Shop Stereotypes: 12 Types Of People You’ll Encounter

Coffee shops not only sell good coffees, they also sell the ambience and the good service. These are the reasons why they are never empty. If you’re one who loves hanging out to talk, people watch, work and caffeinate in coffee shops, then you’re probably guilty of being one of these of people.

#1. Businessmen and women

They are the patrons of coffee shops. They meet with business prospects, sometimes discuss business projects with colleagues or just read newspapers when they are alone while enjoying a cup of strong coffee.

Coffee shop stereotypes

Coffeee shop stereotypes

#2. College students

Next to the business people, college students are easy to spot. They wear comfy clothes and managed to turn their table into a mini library. Heads buried on the book they are reading with their headphones on while writing notes. Sometimes these students occupy half the place by occupying a table each.

Coffee shop stereotypes

#3. Writers

Coffee shops are writers’ make shift offices. They are usually focused on their laptops typing and sometimes you can see them in deep thoughts. They are probably creating great stories like what J.K Rowling did.

Coffee shop stereotypes