8 Things That Will Happen To You When You Exercise in the Morning

exercise in the morning

You probably tried to create some kind of habit to exercise, but something always comes up right? You’re probably thinking that you can just work out in the evening, but lets face the facts… there are way too many temptations, too many reasons to skip the gym to go home and watch a movie, or maybe some kind of occasion like a friends birthday (and if you have 200 friends, then that’s a lot of birthday events) or some sort. You’re probably an expert at thinking of good reasons to not work out now.

Can you imagine that an extra hour of sleep a day accumulates to 15 days a year? This is a lot of time that can be used towards something meaningful, not that I’m saying sleep isn’t important, but you can definitely utilize this time to reach your goals. I can’t blame you for wanting that extra time in bed; but if you ever feel that something’s missing throughout the day, energy or a change of lifestyle, then try getting up early and exercise.

Take action, and reap some of the benefits when you start working out in the morning:

1. Your stress levels will be lower.

Most people experience a reduction in stress levels with regular exercises. Working out in the morning will help you handle stress better throughout your day.

2. You’ll have more energy.

It’s much difficult to motivate yourself to work out in the evening, especially if you just had a busy and stressful day. You’d probably want to collapse on the sofa and catch a movie, possibly with some unhealthy food or drink. By exercising in the morning you’ll feel more energy throughout the day and won’t be as affected by stressful events in your day.

3. You’ll be more productive.

As your energy levels increase, so will your productivity. While going into work energized, you’ll be more focused and more organized. One of the biggest contributors to effective personal productivity is exercising. You will think more clearly, helping you from any anxiety and stress.

4. Your creativity will be increased.

When you’re in control, more relaxed and productive, your mind will be free and clear, helping you to be more creative in your work day.

5. You’ll have better sleep.

When you wake up early to exercise, you’ll find yourself calling a night earlier. You’ll have a more restful sleep and that will contribute to your energy levels and enhanced well-being all around.

6. You’ll have better relationships.

Exercising will put you in a better mood, increasing your happy hormones, causing you to be a nicer person, and as a result, your relationship with people will change for the better.

7. You’ll feel more healthy.

With all these benefits from morning exercising, your heart and health overall will benefit. Anything that can reduce your stress levels will have substantial influence on your physical and mental health.

8. You’ll feel empowered.

If you’re able to do this for the next few weeks, you’ll feel that anything is possible. You’ll understand that changing your life is within your control and that you have proven to yourself that you can do it.

Give it a shot! Get up early and exercise in the morning!