18 Amazing Gifts to Make Your Beer-Addicted Bro Happy

You surely have a friend who says ‘No beer, no party’ and suffers from hangover every Sunday. We know a perfect gift for him. We have even a pack of cool gifts here. Some of these products may fit to décor your precious mancave.


Crocheted beer mitt. Super gift for Christmas. As a rule, we prefer other drinks in winter, but it doesn’t matter, if your bro is a beer-addict. Just make his life more comfortable.

Interactive beer calendar. This stuff literally means that every day is a holiday. You’re in a bad mood? No problem, just grab out a bottle.
101 Beer calendar

Beer belt. Good for fishing or camping. Hands are always busy with something like tent or fire, but this cool belt helps to keep your beer with you all the time. You can even sleep wearing it.
Beer belt

Beer clock. You can easily do it yourself. Perfect design for your mancave. Your friends will be asking: What time is it now? And you’d proudly answer: It’s a beer time, guys!
Beer clock

Beer lover badge and a bottle opener. If you wanted to become a cop, but you work at the office instead, here is the gift to wear a badge legally.
Beer lover badge and bottle opener

Beer posters from the Periodic table. It slightly reminds’Breacind Bad’ credits and this similarity makes the posters even more brutal.
Beer posters from the Periodic table

Beer soap and lip balm. Even your GF would love it.
Beer Soap & Lip Balm

Hat with a dispenser. You’ve probably seen guys like this at the stadiums. You need your hands to supports your team, but who said you can’t enjoy beer at the same time?
Hat with dispenser

Hops earrings. Maybe not only men love beer and if you wanna mark your GF or sister is fond of it, here’s an elegant way.
Hops earrings

Beer tasting tray. If you bro starts mumbling he doesn’t want to drink or he has other duties, ask him just to taste the sorts. Look what a tiny dozes we brought, you may say. But we all know it’s just a bait.
beer tasting tray

Mini USB cooler. Make your whole office envy.
Mini USB cooler

Secret message coaster. Reminds a Harry Potter stuff. Order 5 or 6 pints and an owl will definitely fly to you.
Secret message coaster

Bottle cap fishing lures. Two sacral hobbies a re finally combined: fishing and drinking.
Bottle cap fishing lures

Skull beer mug. This looks like the stuff they print on the cigarette packs, but in fact it’s just a branded mug to impress the dudes.
Skull beer mug

Bottle cap USA map. Much better than banal fridge magnets
Bottle cap USA map

Drinking horn. Feel yourself a viking, but be careful and don’t overestimate you super skills, For example, do not try to break the wall with your head.
Drinking horn

USB flash. Never forget what you’re earning for.
USB flash

Bike tours will bring much more pleasure from now. Your bro would get a joyful and reliable fellow traveller. There is a risk to lose him somewhere in the thicket.
Growler Caddy


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