15 Most Valuable Things Everybody Should Know

Often times we live our lives through mistakes and sometimes regret. Below are some valuable lessons that everybody should know to possibly prevent those mistakes.

1) The value of compounding interest. Start saving money, no matter how small the amount, at the youngest age possible. You WILL get old and need money in your old age and the very vast majority of retirement earnings are made in the early years of your life. When the future comes, don’t blame the past.

2) Self confidence and a good attitude make up for every other missing feature. You MUST believe in yourself, even if you think it is fake. You MUST project a can-do positive attitude and you WILL be successful

3) Stay away from easy credit. For most people, a mortgage or car loan is a given, but keep them modest. Stay away from credit cards if possible and pay them off in full every month. Even if you didn’t learn lesson (1) above, the credit companies did and they will CRUSH you. This applies especially to college students. Credit cards and student loans will crush you for years or even decades after you are graduated. AVOID THEM

4) Gambling is for suckers. You WILL lose and the House WILL win. Period. Loaning money to friends is a kind of gambling. If you do loan money, do it with the full knowledge that you probably will never see it again. If that creates a hardship, then DON’T DO IT. You are most likely going to lose out so be prepared.

5) Just because you may have found the One Love of Your Life doesn’t mean they are the only One. If you are jilted or they die or are somehow taken from you, it will suck, but you WILL get over it and you WILL find someone else to love

6) Nothing good happens by itself — you have to MAKE it happen. Everything worth having is worth risking everything for. If you don’t take any risks your life will be boring and you will have no one to blame but yourself

7) Kindness is never wasted. You have no idea how a single nice word or gesture can mean the world to someone and even if it doesn’t you will feel good about yourself and never regret your actions.

8) When you are an adult, saying “Because I don’t feel like doing it” is an acceptable reason to not be peer-pressured, cajoled, threatened, embarrassed or argued into doing something you just don’t want to do. You don’t need a “good” reason.

9) Your feelings are ALWAYS valid and can never be judged, no matter what they are. They should never be denied. But it is how we ACT on our feelings that can be judged as “good” or “bad”.

10) Don’t let anyone convince you that “Honesty is always the best policy”. Everyone lies every single day. Pretending you are always honest is a lie and creates conflict. On the other hand, consciously hurting people by being dishonest is never acceptable. Integrity should be part of your reputation, but that is not honesty. Integrity is acting in a consistent and predictable manner no matter how strong the temptation or enticement to do otherwise.

11) Trust is hard to generate. It takes time and is very fragile. Your reputation is a trust account. Your behavior determines how people will view you and consistent, positive and transparent actions will go a long way towards building trust. Act in such a way that accusations against your character are never believed.

13) Love is one of the only human endeavors where increased effort does not necessarily create better results. Get used to it. But also, kind words, kind gestures and gratitude for things loved ones do for you are the oil that maintains long-term relationships.

14) You will never regret exercising a little more and watching TV/video games/computer a little less.

15) Here is great advice from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible: Learn what you love to do and do it with all your heart and all your soul and all your might for there is no labor, nor wisdom, nor device in the grave, where you are going.

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