14 Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Watch This V-Day Weekend

Anti-Velentine's Day Movies

While your coupled friends are out painting the town red, the last thing you need is to be reminded that you are single and alone. Who needs all the cutesy romancy things or a ticket to Fifty Shades of Grey, anyway?  Let us not forget that it’s still a Hallmark event made to sell cards, chocolates and flowers. People should stop fussing over Valentine’s Day.

If you can’t take all the PDA action happening (and the paper hearts) everywhere, might as well just stay at home and relax. Remember, this too shall pass. Order boxes of pizza and a dozen cans of beers, then invite your other single friends over for a movie marathon.

You can watch whatever floats your boat. Just stay away from the soppy, cheesy, lovey-dovey movies for now. If tragedy, blood and gore works for you, then go for it. You need a renewed sense of optimism and an insurmountable amount of happy hormones. The movies listed here can uplift your spirit and will make you realize that there’s nothing wrong with being single after all.

1. Gone Girl

This is about a perfect couple who started out fine until they hit a bump in the road, and the wife went full on psychopath. She’s a murderous, manipulative b*tch, who staged a crime to frame her cheating husband. You can take pleasure in that or just be glad that you’re single.

2. He’s Just Not That Into You

Okay, so this is a romantic comedy chick flick based on a book with the same title. But women can learn a thing or two about relationships in this movie, and how guys think. Most women are in shitty relationships because they choose to ignore the warning signs and red flags that are right in front of them, in the hopes of changing the guy’s mind. It’s time to stop making excuses for your guy’s unacceptable behavior because clearly, he’s just not that into you! Move on, learn from your mistakes, and avoid the red flags. Don’t waste the pretty. You deserve to be happy.

3. Think Like a Man

Like He’s Just Not That Into You, this movie is funny, light and insightful. It’s also based on a book called: Act Like a Woman and Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey. It’s about the dilemmas of modern dating and relationships.

4. 500 Days of Summer

This sad but totally relatable movie about unrequited love is included in every anti-valentine’s day movie playlist of the bitter and the scorned. Tom is a hopeless romantic while Summer doesn’t believe in true love. Tom believes that he will never be happy until he is with the “one” while Summer believes that they should enjoy life while they are still young. Sounds familiar? We’ve been there before. We’ve had our fair shares of rejections, friendzones and disappointments. And no matter how hard you try, if you’re not on the same page as the other person, it will never work out.

5. Midnight in Paris

An engaged couple discovers the beauty and magic of Paris. This is another feel good movie that tackles not only relationships, but also a little bit about the rich history of the arts and literature. One thing I got from this movie is that if your life doesn’t go as planned or you just came out of a bad break up, life goes on. Don’t wallow in your sadness. There are thousands of things to look forward to in life like discovering your true passion, places to see, all the things that you can learn, and the incredible people you will meet along the way. Good things await you!

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

If you could completely wipe away all the memories of your once earth shattering love affair, would you do it? It’s tempting especially for those who want a do over and a fresh start in life because they have been hurt so badly by someone they loved the most. We can all relate to this.

7. The Rules of Attraction

Watching a bunch of college kids get wasted, have sex, do foolish things and the subsequent effects would make you reminisce your college days. However, for those who are still college, I have some bad news for you. Life outside college is pretty much the same. People will screw you over, you will fall for the wrong person, and homosexuality is still a sensitive subject for some people. You just have to live and learn.

8. High Fidelity

This one is a classic break-up movie. It’s about falling in love, getting rejected and heartbroken, and the perfect soundtrack of your life. It’s funny and totally relatable. We don’t really need too much dramatic movies to portray the struggles in our relationships.

9. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

An award winning French film about coming of age, sexuality and love. Emma and Adele fell madly in love with each other, had passionate and the most unforgettable sex, but didn’t end up together. Perfect anti-Valentine’s Day movie.

10. The Theory of Everything

A biographical film about the life, love and the works of the brilliant Stephen Hawking. Be inspired with his clever works, his battle with ALS and how he handled his divorce.

11. Blue Valentine

It’s another heartbreaking story about trying to make a marriage work. People change. Priorities change. And sometimes, you just fall out of love.

12. Revolutionary Road

Kate and Leonardo back together in a film as tragic and equally depressing as Titanic.


13. Lost In Translation

Have you ever had a brief encounter with a total stranger and effortlessly connected? A connection that is probably deeper than your current relationship. It’s like the meeting of the minds and souls. This movie is about two strangers who met and easily became friends in a foreign country. Watch as they explore Japan, and question life because they were both dissatisfied with their current situations.

14. Her

A lonely man going through a divorce and falling for an OS… is just sad. Revel in the thought that some people have it worse than you.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year, you can also watch TV series like: The Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Unlike those anti-Valentine’s Day movies listed above, these series have nothing to do with love and romantic relationships. A perfect distraction, right?