13 Exciting Things To Do In Belize For An Unforgettable Vacation

#13 Visit Cockscomb Basin


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Big cat enthusiasts won’t want to miss a visit to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. While the sanctuary is more than just a jaguar sanctuary, that is obviously one of the biggest draws to Cockscomb. In addition to the big, spotted cats, you’ll also find hundreds of exotic plants and flowers, colorful insects, birds, reptiles, mammals of all types and more in the lush tropical rain forest. Oh, and you’ll also get to see plenty of waterfalls and beautiful, jungle landscape. So come for the jaguars, stay for everything else there is to see here, and learn a bit about biodiversity in Belize.

When traveling to Belize, you may want to leave your fear of heights and tight places at home to truly experience everything this stunning country has to offer. If you do, you may find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime and one you will likely never forget.


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