10 Toxic Relationships You Need To Steer Clear Of

In today’s world, toxic relationships are everywhere, you could even be in one right now.  While toxicity could lurk anywhere and around any corner, it usually breeds more in romantic relationships, long term connections and even in the dating scene. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship that’s just been burdened with guilt and fights, it can be really easy to not even see what is right in front of you because of how much you care for another individual.  But there is something that we should all remember, and that is: it’s completely okay to admit if you’re in a toxic relationship.  That’s you taking the first step towards leaving that environment and working on your own life without some other individual bringing you down and holding you back.

  1. The Perfectionists

    The perfectionist is the kind of individual in a relationship that needs to have everything their way.  They seem to not understand that a relationship is a mutual collaboration between two individuals.  They are the kind of individuals that will throw a fit or argue when something isn’t perfect in their eyes.

  2. The Liar

    This type of toxic relationship is usually one sided and pretty straight forward.  The liar is usually the individual in the relationship that constantly makes up little white lies to cover for not wanting to put their energy and compassion into the relationship itself.

  3. The Abusive One

    This type of relationship is tricky, because there are so many different ways that an individual can bring abuse into a relationship which will immediately turn it into a toxic environment.  Whether it’s emotional, physical, or manipulation, speak out against this kind of behavior and stay far away from it.

  4. The Cheater

    The kind of relationship where you’re in love with someone while they trick you into thinking that they are being 100% faithful, when in reality they aren’t at all.  This kind of toxicity is so common and never okay to put someone through.

  5. Always Negative

    If you find yourself in a relationship that is entirely surrounded by negativity, it can almost be blinding, making it hard to truly see what is right there in front of you.  Stray away of this kind of negativity because it will just cause you to feel the same.

  6. The Jealous One

    We all know that couple, the couple that constantly deals with jealousy that crosses the line.  To the point that they can’t even hang out with their friends without their partner.  This kind of manipulation and distrust will be hard to mend and we recommend just steering clear of that mess.

  7. Always Blaming You

    If your partner is always blaming you and trying to turn issues that you bring up back on you, then you’re in a toxic relationship with someone who simply will not listen to anything you say. Steer clear of this behavior as it’s highly destructive.

  8. Controlling Everything

    A toxic relationship that involves a partner literally wanting to control every aspect of your life.  This kind of manipulation can be very scarring and abusive towards their partner.  It can make that individual’s future relationships difficult because of the hardships they’ve been through with this relationship.

  9. The Insecure

    While this kind of relationship might not involve obvious abuse, it can still make the other half of the relationship feel trapped and stuck in a situation where they are being drained for their emotional support.

  10. It’s Never Enough

    The kind of toxic relationship that usually is between an individual who wants a normal happy relationship and someone who is constantly comparing their partner with everyone they’ve been with in the past.