10 Exciting Things To Do On Boracay Island, Philippines

For the past four years, Boracay has been topping the lists of best island destinations in the world. Find out why more and more travellers are falling in love with it and keep coming back.

Is it just the powdery white sand and warm, tranquil waters? The beachfront buffets and lively evening parties? Or the rosy golden sunsets and teeming underwater marine life? No matter what tickles their fancy, the sights, sounds and tastes of Boracay keep tourists coming back for more. Are you planning your vacation this summer? Consider Boracay and get ready to tick off each item on this list of must-dos at this incredible island getaway.

#1. Chill, bum and get a massage


Getting to Boracay is a long journey, traveling cross-contential flights to the Philippines, then the short flight to Caticlan, and then the boat ride; you’ll probably want to relax by testing the waters and laying on the sand. One of the best and cheapest ways to unwind is to get a beach-side massage. Laze on powder-fine sand, listen to gently lapping waves and enjoy the balmy breeze as manangs (lady attendants here referred to as “older sisters”) give you a long and soothing rub-down. Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, reflexology or the local hilot – say the word and they’ll know what to do. Just remember to bring your sarong or a beach towel.