Singer-songwriter, Jessica Ellen Cornish aka Jessie J Net Worth

Jessie J has been rocking the world with her unconventional music style since her very top song, “Price Tag,” in 2012. She’s notable for her mix of pop, soul, and r&b songs. Her songs were on the top charts all over the world. She had collaborated with other famous artists like David Guetta, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and more. Also, a resident coach of The Voice UK.

She was known for her strong and heartfelt voice that complements her songs’ lyrics like “Flashlight.” Her songs were full of powerful messages that inspired millions. She had touched many hearts and encouraged people to become genuine for themselves.

Early Life of Jessie J

Her real name is Jessica Ellen Cornish. Born in Redbridge, London, on March 27, 1988. She calls herself an Essex girl because of the history of where she’s from. She had two older sisters, and both of them were excellent in academics. Jessie J admitted that she wasn’t good at something, but she was okay with it. She enrolled in Colins Performing Arts school.

On one of her private lessons, a teacher approached her if she wanted to sing for a British Arts Event. She admitted, she was not good at all, she was just loud. That time, she sang “Tomorrow” from Bugsy Malone.

Career of Jessie J

At age 11, she was one of the casts of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End production of whistle Down the Wind. On 2002, she appeared in “The Late Sleepers.” A production by National Youth Music Theatre, which she joined firsthand.

On 2003, she performed as Jessica Cornish in a TV Show named “Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies”. On that show, she was declared as “Best Pop Singer”. At 16, she studied in BRIT school and joined a girl group named “Soul Deep.” The group was unsuccessful, so she left after two years. She graduated in the class of 2006. It was noted that she was at the same school as Adele, Leona Lewis, and James Buckley.

At the beginning of her career, she signed with Gut Records, recording an album for the label, however, the company went bankrupt before any of it was released. Despite the unfortunate start, she found success as a songwriter under a contract with Sony ATV.

As a songwriter, she wrote hit songs like “Party in the USA”, sang by Miley Cyrus. She has also written for famous artists like Chris Brown.

She worked for Cyndi Lauper during Lauper’s UK dates as a support act. The 2008 Bring Ya to the Brink tour where Jessie joined the stage together with Lauper to perform “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

She was already a member of a girl group named Soul Deep. Unfortunately, she said, “it wasn’t going anywhere,” so she decided to leave. Before her first video on Youtube was posted, she was already signed up for four years. Lava Records was impressed with Jessie’s US showcases and eventually made arrangements by 2008. She’s signed up as part of a joint venture with Universal Republic.

For her debut studio album, it began on 2005 and was finally completed in January 2011. It was named “Who You Are” which she regards as one of her proudest creations. Additionally, she said the song’s message was for young people to take it as a positive role model.

“Sexy Silk” was supposed to be her first very first single, which was included on the “Easy A” soundtrack. By 2010, she officially released her first single “Do It Like A Dude.” The song was written with Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” in mind, as inspiration.

She then followed it with another single, “Price Tag,” which became a hit and have earned her awards and nominations. Notably, it was the most successful online video that Jessie J released. By that time, she appeared as a musical guest on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. It was her first appearance on American TV.

On February 2011, she released her debut album, “Who You Are”. It was sitting at the top charts for most countries. After that, she released single by single, starting with “Nobody’s Perfect” and then followed by “Who’s Laughing Now” and “Domino”.

With the great success she had for Who You Are, she became the opening act od Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour back in 2011. Unfortunately, she had to back out because she had an accident during the rehearsals. Nevertheless, she became the house artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards where she performed during commercial breaks.

Summer of 2011, she was set to perform for a lot of events and festivals. She did two but she performed on here throne since she broke her foot again. Right after that, she really had to rest and get her foot healed, so she canceled all her shows. Even at the 2011 MTV VMA’s, she was still in a cast, sitting at her throne.

Following her success, she also did collaborations with great artists such as James Morrison and David Guetta. She became the first UK female solo artist comparing with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more. She appeared on Diamond Jubilee Concert for Queen Elizabeth II and performed a duet with for the song “I Gotta Feeling.”

She appeared at a famous singing competition, The Voice. Which paved way for the song “Ï Gotta Feeling” to be recorded with the four coaches. She was a coach for The Voice UK for its first two series in 2012 and 2013.

On 2013, she had her first arena tour called Alive Tour. Her song “Wild” was the lead single from her Alive album. Later on she released another entitled “Sweet Talker”, where “Bang Bang” was the first single. It was a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. One of the biggest hit songs of her carreer.

Her international hits, “Bang Bang”, “Diamond” and “Flashlight” remained in the top charts. Her song “Flashlight” was also featured for the movie Pitch Perfect 2. It was around 2015 already and she started her Sweet Talker Tour, promoting her album. She was also one of the voice casts for Ice Age Collision Course and sang the movie’s theme song ’My Superstar’.

To follow she released, her ’R.O.S.E’ album and consequently released singles entitled, ’Think About That’, ’Not My Ex’, ’Queen’. By 2017, she began her R.O.S.E tour all around Europe and U.S. Her success flourished even more as she appeared in China’s singing competition, “I am a Singer.” She had made history as the very first international artist who won in the competition.

She was still part of The Voice UK’s coaches and at the same time did a tour called The Lasty Tour. As a tribute to her close friend who died on December 2018. Even at present, she would do guestings on TV shows or movies and perform on events and festivals.

As of 2020, Jessie J net worth is currently $30 million.


Favorite Quotes

“Everything we do in life, sex, first dates, food, everything. We imagine it before it happens.” – Jessie J

“I’ve learned to accept to not expect.” – Jessie J

“You just have to learn to understand that with any job, whether public or not, there’s a huge part of it that’s great and there’s a huge part of it that you learn to respect that you don’t like. And learn to understand how you can deal with it without falling apart.” – Jessie J

“If I’m gonna mess up, it was already written, it was going to happen. It’s the way I deal with it in the moment, believe that.” – Jessie J

3 Lessons and Advice from Jessie J Success

After knowing Jessie J net worth and how she became successful, here are some life lessons and advice you can take away to help you further your career.

Those who love you will stick by you for the longest time.

An interview with ADTV, she mentioned that she realized that her fans and she grew older together. That made her think that real loving fans stick by you and they grow with you. It is important that you, as an artist, must know how to really gain your fans. Forcefully earning the people who are with you has a big possibility that they will leave you once you fail. Earning your fans out of love, support, and respect is one key to earn their loyalty. Then, and only then you will feel that they will grow old with you.

Love is love. It shouldn’t be anything.

When asked about her sexuality, she openly admitted that she accepts love for what it is regardless of gender. She doesn’t care about whether the gender is of the same sex or the opposite for as long as they truly love each other than who are we to stop them. Love knows no gender which is true. Love isn’t only for the opposite sex because that feeling or emotion is bound to no rule. If you love that person, you really will love that person regardless of gender.

Be sensitive

The nature of her job is to connect with people through music. In an interview with ADTV in 2017, she said she could only experience being a white 29-year-old woman. She could never understand the experiences of being raised in a different culture and society.
That is why she always sees to it that she educates herself with the current issues and what’s going around the world. Because for her, it was the only thing that she could do. As she said, “You can never feel what somebody else feels.”


Her unconventional music style together with her notable mix of pop, soul, and r&b songs made her successful. Powerful sets of songs that have authentic messages for real people, that’s what Jessie J is. Most probably the reason why as of 2020, her net worth has reached over $30 million.

She is a woman who has a direct goal and principle in life. She will tell you not to do something that would give disappointment to yourself. Act accordingly and at the same time be who you are, in that way, you can earn the respect of your fans without hiding something from them.
Be sensitive towards the people around you so that in return they would act the same to you. Reach for your goals without minding other people who will pull you down to the ground and stick to what you are good at.

Being you and only you will attract the right people that appreciate you. That’s what I learn from her. Her bold and genuine personality resonates to me and it is very inspirational.

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