Humans or Machines? Meet The Life-Like Robots That Will Steal Your Job

Robots are taking over

Robots are taking over millions of jobs in UK and it won’t be long before they take over the world. If you are earning less than £30,000 a year, you are likely to lose your job. In US, most of the labor market are being mechanized and automated out of existence.

The jobs that are most likely to go are: administrative services, clerical work, customer service, construction, mining and other jobs with menial tasks.

Of course, we’re expecting the Japanese to be the world’s top manufacturer of androids. These eerie android prototypes were featured in Tokyo Design Expo and are being prepared for commercialisation.

Meet the human-like androids that will steal your job and probably invade your home in a not too distant future.

Kodomoroid is a teleoperated android robot resembling a human child. It is an android announcer with potential exceeding that of its human equivalent. It can recite news reports gathered from around the world 24 hours a day, every day, in a variety of voices and languages. In the studio set up in Tearoom of Zero/One on the third floor, you can watch her deliver news about global issues and space weather reports.

Kodomoroid, with its close resemblance to a human child and detached voice, continuously recites world news. It is a work of art of sorts which asks profound questions about humanity’s future.

They are being put as receptionist and news readers. In 10 years, no more human broadcasters and journalists. They can probably work behind the camera or as researchers. 

Fembots or the realistic female robots can pass as a real female. The sophisticated features and even the facial expressions are captured. Artificial Intelligence and skills will depend on the kind of job they are made for. 

Meet Asuna. She was one of the main attraction in the exhibition. This one is a singer. Everything about her is human-like. In 10 years, Asuna will blend among the humans, completely indistinguishable. Some men even think she’ll make a perfect and cheap date in the future.

Geminoid Hi-4 and Geminoid Hi-2

Geminoid F

Otonaroid is a teleoperated android robot resembling an adult female. She has been hired by the Miraikan as a robot science communicator. At the exhibition, you can talk with her and also operate her.

Otonaroid is an experimental exhibition, in which you can experience a face-to-face conversation with an android robot and operate it. Through this experience, you will gradually acclimate to communication with an android robot and become capable of comprehending it more instinctively.

Sexbot – They did not feature a sexbot in the exhibit, but they are completely available in Japan. Sexbots are already on sale and it won’t be long before the human-like android version of them will be created and manufactured.
Experts and scientists don’t deny the possibility of men falling in love and marrying their fembots and sexbots. 

Even the performers, professional dancers and strippers are most likely to lose their jobs. The creators of these androids are planning to launch them as performers and replicas of famous pop idols

Watch the making of a Lady Gaga doll.

The safest jobs are in the industry of arts, healthcare, education, law and sciences. UK reassured the public that for every job lost, one is created. Employees need to learn new skills that machines are unable to match. This also suggests that millennials should pursue a career in these industries, for it’s the only way to survive.

According to research, when these machines take over our jobs, we’ll be the 1% of the population. Sooner or later, they will also invade our homes.

Think A.I., The Surrogates and Bicentennial Man. It seems like these movies are prophecies, and they are finally happening.


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