Dad Trolls Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies, Ends Up 2x More Follows Than Her

The best dad goes to Chris “Burr” Martin, a podcaster and comedian, who hilariously trolls his daughter by creating the exact same pose as her Instagram selfies. These pictures have gotten him a lot of publicity, and from his brilliantly fun and light-hearted shaming of Cassie’s (daughter) selfies, he has generated double the amount of followers than her daughter. Whether he’s mocking her eyebrows, tattoos, poses, or glasses, the Washington-based father recreates Cassie’s pictures while infusing them with a hint of his own personal sense of humor. The results are amusing, fun and entertaining. The bond between the father and daughter is just so darn adorable.

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Dad Trolls Daughter by Recreating Her Instagram Selfies
















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