Best Sports Commercials of 2015

Don’t blame commercials for stealing your time. Yes, some of them are boring and banal, but these cool videos are more fascinating than most of the regular season games. Star athletes are shown in two ways: nice home boys and almighty gods. Both images are awesome. If we forgot any smart adverts that you believe should be in this list, let us know in the comments.

SportsCenter – End Your Night on a Highlight

Now we know Stephen Curry is a man who can be ironic and laugh at himself. He still isn’t as good at acting as LeBron, but he didn’t spoil the thing.

Kid’s Foot Locker – Just Like the Pros

Another commercial starring Curry. The line ‘I’m not in a position to comment on that’ is condemned to become iconic.

Nike – Short A Guy

Nike produces amazing examples of what real sports advert must look like. Dynamic, funny, and unpredictable. Don’t say you knew the end.

Gatorade – Sweat it to Get it

Peyton and Eli Manning both failed to act like bad cops and that’s the only minus of the commercial.

Esurance – Sorta Doctor

Can you imagine Buster Posey working as an accoucheur? And what’s the magic, he almost persuades the husband to deliver his baby.

Nike – Snow Day

A band of super athletes turns a peaceful winter suburbia on its head. They look like the clones of Hancock.

Nike – Ripple

Rory McIlroy was influenced by Tiger Woods greatest moments and now it’s time to pass the torch. Nostalgic and heartwarming video about road to success.

What’s your favorite video? Let’s make a kind of ranking in the comments!


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