The 10 Best Paper Shredder for the Office in 2020 | Top Reviews

Are you aware of the dangers of identity theft due to improper disposal of your personal documents? Aside from the unwanted clutter from your old files and paperwork, staying secure through a paper shredder is a smart and practical way to preserve your privacy.

There are different types of shredders to choose from that range depending on the paper bulk you’ll work on, budget, and time needed to pull it all off. Luckily, you don’t need to search piece by piece anymore. We compiled the best paper shredder options for you to suit your organizing needs in an instant. Check it out!

10 Best Paper Shredders for the Office in 2020

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

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fellowes powershred paper shredder


Fellowes speaks for itself as a “power-shredder” that ensures you a heavy-duty machine while maintaining safety-first tech. You can count on it for any tough shred volume from tearing CDs/DVDs, staples, and credit cards. It can accommodate 18 sheets of paper per insert with a cross-cut shredding technique that is faster and more secure than regular strip shredders.

You can rely on this powerful shredder to lessen your trips for checking and emptying for busy workdays. It is backed by a spacious 9-gallon pull-out wastebasket with a LED indicator to alert you once it’s full conveniently.

Key Features

  • Has an extended 30-minute run-time of continuous shredding
  • Shreds with cross-cut sections for more refined results
  • Equipped with a safety feature that’s child and pet-friendly
  • 100% Jam Proof assurance
  • 9-gallon bin features a LED indicator

What stands out?

Your safety is the top priority with Fellowes’ unique SafeSense Technology. The shredder automatically stops when it senses that your hands are in touch with the paper opening. Its advanced SilentShred Technology is also very handy to keep you focused without unwanted noises.

The 99Ci caters to 1-3 users with a 2-year warranty for complete protection. Overall, this is a brilliant choice for a hassle-free shredding with bonus premiere features you’ll enjoy.

Bonsai C149-C Evershred Paper Shredder

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bonsaii cross-cut credit card shredder


An uninterrupted 1-hour shredding is just what you need if you’re on the hunt for a long-term office investment. Bonsai’s distinct shredding protection system of auto-start and auto-reverse allows you to avoid frustration from paper jams. This time-saver power machine takes in 18 cross-cut sheets, including your credit cards and staples.

The overheat and overload protection are also perfect for keeping vast volumes of paperwork to run smoothly amidst long, continuous usage. You can utilize the 8.7 inches entry slot from letter to legal-sized files. It also has four flexible casters to keep you on the move while working around.

Key Features

  • Consistent 60-minute shredding power
  • Overall protection with Jam, Overheat, and Overload System
  • Has an advanced Cooling System with modern controls
  • Automatic Start, Stop, and Reverse Paper Features
  • Transparent window to oversee storage capacity

What’s the best feature it offers?

We’re specifically delighted with Bonsai’s special Patented Cooling System, given its sleek automatic control against overheating. It goes a long way to guarantee you a long run time with minimal supervision. It also has a “library-quiet” motor feature for a peaceful environment and a pleasing shredding experience.

AmazonBasics Paper Shredder

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amazonbasics paper shredder


Do you have highly confidential files that need top-notch security upon discard? The AmazonBasics micro-cut sized performance will leave you confident to do the job for you. Compared to a cross-cut type that only produces 360 pieces, it overpowers with a total of 2,235 confetti-like output for higher protection. It’s well-known for its robust shredding power of 150 sheets per slide and 60-minute maximum run time. This powerful shredder will help you declutter your files with ease and total protection.

Key Features

  • High-security standard of micro-cut shredding
  • Designed with Auto-Feed tray
  • Has customizable and user-friendly functions
  • Anti-jam Technology
  • Thermal sensitivity to avoid overheating

What makes it unique?

AmazonBasics assures you a long-term quality since its system protects itself automatically with advanced features. The Easy Start mode starts and stops automatically to conserve energy with multi-page documents. On the other hand, its Reverse Tech is an extra boost that prevents jam issues. Lastly, the Thermal Protection feature allows maximum run time without overheating the motor by shutting off itself automatically.

Aurora AU2280XA Paper Shredder

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aurora paper shredder


If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option, Aurora’s version is a solid and compact 22-sheets shredder that’s great for small-me offices and businesses. It’s surely a value for money with its cross-cut results and a 30-minute capacity to secure your peace with unreadable documents afterward. It has an 8.5-gallon pull-out bin with a LED indicator for easier tracking of its status from standby, full, door open, overload or overheat. The shredder’s opening is 9.1 inches wide to accommodate any type of document you wish to deconstruct.

Key Features

  • Auto-power off when not in use for 5 minutes
  • Non-stop 30 minutes of power shredding
  • Auto-Reverse and Anti-Jam Technology
  • Bright, easy-to-read LED indicators
  • Sheds by 1-1.5 inches with level P-4 security

What makes it highly valuable?

Considering the cost-effective factor of Aurora, we are amazed by its energy-saving system that completes the whole package. It has an excellent reputation for bringing extra security while maintaining good time-frame and low electricity usage. You will also appreciate its anti-jam and auto-reverse features for continuous, efficient shredding work.

Wolverine 10-Sheet Paper Cutter

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wolverine paper cut shredder


We have no doubts that this Super Alloy Steel-Made cutter will impress you with its high-quality shredding system that offers next-to-nothing silence while conquering heavy paperwork. The Wolverine is as sharp as it sounds with a micro-cut paper slot blade. It has a 10-sheet paper capacity that banks on high-speed shredding of 6.6 feet per minute. The durability of this shredder is noteworthy. It’s ideal if you have bulky files that include staples, cards, and even CDs/DVDs.

Key Features

  • High-speed shredding with a 40-minute power run
  • Has top-notch Super Alloy Steel cutter material
  • 54dB ultra-quiet system motor
  • Automatic detection of paper jam and overload

What makes it unique?

The Wolverine is a one-of-a-kind shredder with its super micro-cut results. You can depend on higher security since every shred will produce particles as small as 2mm x 12 mm. It’s edge also depends on its high-speed system supported by a patented cooling system. If your line of work has a fast-paced environment, this is an excellent office staple that will keep your files protected in no time.

Fellowes LX20M Paper Cutter

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fellowes powershred micro-cut credit card shredder


Think sleek, modern, and potent. This white and gray ensemble shredder is thoughtfully designed to suit your aesthetics with the smoothest performance. The top-grade LX series is esteemed for its micro-cut shredder blades.

You can enhance your organization skills with its ability to shred 12 sheets of paper per run. It has Safesense technology to keep you accident-free at all times. Amazed, yet? Wait until you read about its Intellibar.

Key Features

  • Provides real-time monitoring through its Efficiency Meter Screen
  • Micro-cut shredders for maximum security
  • Has Safesense Technology
  • Impressive, modern design
  • 100% Jam-Proof

What sets it apart from others?

The wait is all worth it once you experience Fellowes’ Patented Intellibar that features next-gen function responsiveness. It’s tactically designed to allow you to optimize the number of sheets you’ll input with an efficiency meter. You’ll also have access to preview run-time indicators for the best shredding run. It’s a worth-it investment for chic workspaces that require power shredding on the daily.

Boxis AutoShred Paper Cutter

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boxis paper shredder for the office with tray


Having a big bulk of documents to get rid of often requires a lot of time and effort to finish for regular paper shredders. Good thing that’s not the case with the Boxis Auto-Sheet micro-cutters. Where else can you find a 90-sheet automatic shredder that does all the heavy lifting for you? It has a compact design that will fit any small designated space in your office. Although it only has a 3.6 gallon empty bin capacity, its smart detection of any jam issues makes up for it well. It’s commendable for small-medium homes and workplaces for a dependable shredding intensity.

Key Features

  • Equipped with an auto-feed system
  • Has a compact and transport-friendly size
  • Great for pulverizing sensitive documents through its auto micro-cut blades
  • Automatic Forward and Reverse feature

What are the top features it offers?

The Boxis Autoshred has a continuous auto-feed design that delivers 11 feet worth of papers per minute. Other notable features are its auto start and stop, overheat indicator, and overload alerts. You will enjoy a relaxing work time with its quiet operation of 70Db volume. It also comes with casters for easy mobility. If you want to save up on buying plastic bags and don’t mind frequent emptying returns, it has an efficient slide-out wastebasket that you can manually throw out.

Tru RED Shredder 12-Sheet Micro Cutter

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tru red minimal paper shredder


Another bang for the buck option that you can’t go wrong with is Tru Red’s micro-cut professional quality shredder. This is a crowd-favorite with consistent 5-star ratings because of its affordable yet high-functioning 12-sheet capacity. It takes down huge volumes safely with 10-minute continuous run time in between cooling down. You can also expect all the essential protection features you need in purchasing the best paper shredder; from the anti-jam, overload detection, auto start-stop, and auto-reverse, you get what you pay for and more.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed with no paper dust and no clean up needed
  • Astounding quality with a low price
  • Tears files effectively with 4mm x 12mm-sized particles
  • Comes with built-in handles and casters

What special features will I benefit from the most?

The Tru RED shredder truly delivers unreadable outputs of your private information through over 1200 particles per letter size sheet of paper. It also features an Interlocking Bin that avoids unnecessary shredding until the bin has been fully operated. You can avail this brilliant shredder with an assurance of long-term usage. It has a 1-year warranty as well, so you can effortlessly maximize this office investment.

Bonsaii Evershred Pro 4S16 Paper Shredder

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bonsaii quiet paper shredder


Heavy duty papers require extra shredding power and effective blades. Thanks to Bonsaii’s Pro Series Evershred, all these tasks are now smartly doable with a 60-minute full running time. This brilliant structure is excellent for larger offices with high volume demands of shredding. It’s a more advanced Bonsai model than the previously mentioned one in this article. It’s ideal for a more luxurious setup and can withstand long hours of usage with a multifunctional purpose.

Key Features

  • 1-hour continuous shredding power
  • Very quick cooldown time within 10 minutes
  • Has an auto-restart and manual reverse function for paper jam proof sessions
  • Built with a Patented Cooling System
  • 6.5 feet of successful shredded paper per minute

What makes it stand out?

The best thing about BonsaiI Pro is you only need 10 minutes of cooldown and you’re back on running again with up to 2,400 sheets per run. It’s our pick for the best time-saver in this list, given the quality it produces within a short span of time.

We highly recommend this shredder as well for its amazing warranty provisions. The whole equipment gets 3-year protection while its cutter blades are secured for 7 years. Truly worth every penny if we must say.

Royal Consumer 89165U Paper Shredder

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royal consumer office shredder


For our last entry, The Royal Consumer will not disappoint to deliver a lasting efficiency with its 14-sheet capacity, cross-cut shredders. If you’re always on the rush with important meetings and work errands, this is your perfect match. This ingenious equipment also garnered tons of positive reviews due to its solid construction and user-friendly features. It has two slots with one for CDs/DVDs or credit cards, while the other is for heavy-duty paper. It’s an all-in-one shredder that’s sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing, and smartly designed.

Key Features

  • Caters to 14-sheet high-speed shredding
  • Clear and handy functions with LED indicators
  • Has a high-quality sliding topside
  • Easy to empty and rerun with removable basket
  • Extra long power cord for mobility

What are its exclusive offers?

The standout feature of the Royal Consumer shredder is its ability to showcase all the necessary functions in one product with simplicity and class. It has a professional appearance that matches its heavy-duty performance. It’s also affordable compared to other related models. We specifically recommend the quality of materials that have been proven with long years of usage from customers.

How We Chose Our Selection


Premier brands are well-known for a reason. The brands we chose in this well-researched list are guaranteed to pass quality standards and durable materials. Paper shredders are critical in ensuring your protection and safety. Therefore the brands mentioned above either passed a P4 or P5 security standard.

We thoroughly dived deep under tons of comments per product to deliver you a consolidated overview of what you will achieve with these best paper shredders. The customer reviews and insights we included are verified purchases to acquire an honest and unbiased point-of-view for your consideration.


Same as you do, we only prefer high-quality paper shredders that will bring value, ease, and convenience to our daily office work. We understand the critical importance of protecting your confidential files and information. With this, we chose premier choices that will last you for a long time with significant warranty provisions and reliable durability.


We’re all busy enough with work to waste time with complicated equipment, right? Our handpicked list of paper shredders is filtered by user-friendliness. You can count on our recommendations when it comes to daily hassle-free use that you can move around to process heavy-duty papers in an instant.

Other Considerations

What Can It Shred

For better safety measures, it’s always wise to check the capacity of the shredder you will pick. Ideally, it should be powerful enough to destroy thick papers, paper clips, staples, credit cards, and even CDs or DVDs. Our choices above are guaranteed to help you with all these masterfully.

Preventing Jamming

One of the best ways to avoid stressful paper jams is to choose a paper shredder that has automatic sensors when things go wrong. Keep an eye out for features that include LED auto reverse, auto-feed, and auto start/stop to ensure that your equipment will work for you. One with a jam-free technology is a smart choice as well.

Bin Capacity

It’s all about the volume of the work you have to shred when considering the perfect bin capacity that will suit you. In general, you can work with 3-5 gallons of waste bin if you’re in a small office space with moderate shredding needs. However, if your work requires continuous paper shredding regularly, 6 gallons and above will work for you better. Remember that a larger bin capacity means lesser emptying sessions for you.


In this article, you will notice that there are standout products that offer the quietest motor systems for your convenience. You should consider this aspect if you are sensitive to noise or prefer a very quiet environment to focus on while working. Choose a smooth-sounding paper shredder that will maintain your peaceful workspace at all times.

Our Final Thoughts

Work and personal privacy are made more convenient with the use of a paper shredder. It’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, especially with enough knowledge on what aspects you should look for upon purchasing one.

Whether the time-saver function or the best in budget pick caught your eye in this selection, we hope that our in-depth analysis will guide you better in choosing the best paper shredder for you. Did we miss anything in this top-rated list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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