The 10 Best Home Office Desks in 2020

best home office desks

What better way to boost your work-from-home productivity than with a well-coordinated office desk? Looking for the best home office desk is a tricky purchase to make, especially with the vast options available in the market.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the most budget-friendly or the best space saver desk, we’ve got your back with the most impressive choices compiled to make your desk-shopping quick and stress-free. Check them out!

Best Home Office Desks in 2020

Monarch Specialties Hollow Home Office Desk

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When functionality meets modern design, you can count on Monarch Specialties Hollow to transform your workspace into a striking contemporary spot. At the first look at this L-shaped computer home office desk, you will instantly notice its sleek white finish and sturdy panels.

This multi-functional home office desk for work offers a generous worktable surface for computer, laptop and paperwork provision. It also has two medium-sized storage drawers and a lateral file drawer that’s perfect for organizing your files effectively.

Key Features

What makes it special?

If you’re aiming for a long-term desk investment that takes pride in its space, adjustability, and heavy-duty materials, this one’s for you.

Monarch Specialties makes moving your desk seamless with its adjustable shelves for right or left facing sides. It also has a unique secondary surface with more adjustable shelves convenient for other work accessories such as your books or printer. Aside from its stylish design, avid users of this desk left remarkable reviews for its durability after several years of usage.

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Home Office Desk

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Upgrade your workspace without compromising your budget through this convertible corner desk that nicely fits tight spaces. Tribesigns guarantees flexibility like no other. On its one side, enjoy its tiltable tabletop to assure your comfort and non-slip files while working. Just shift your chair and freely access the wide work surface for your work essentials.

This highly-compact yet multi-purpose corner desk is a great deal to suit your different work needs on the daily.

Key Features

What are its standout features?

As a versatile space-saver, Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk is expertly-designed to be converted into two separate tables. It gives you the advantage of optimal comfort and freedom to reorganize anytime. This modern desk is easy to assemble with 18 months of quality assurance. It also comes with a free CPU stand to prevent floor scratches and moisture in your room.

Apexdesk Elite Series Electric Standing Home Office Desk

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This luxurious desk highlights a top-notch electric adjustable system that’s suited for a sit and stand balance during long hours of work. Apesdex Elite will offer you an ergonomic work environment with proven links with health, posture, and productivity benefits.

You can effortlessly transition your spacious work desk from sitting to standing with one button push. Its programmable LED controller will also allow you to customize your preferred desk height with ease.

Key Features

What makes it a worth-it purchase?

Aside from its brilliant electric height adjustable feature, Apesdex is a smart investment given its solid structure that will last for years. It’s built with a one-piece fixed steel beam to assure enhanced stability.

Its elegant modern design will make it an eye-catching piece in your home. An ergonomic computer office desk will surely get your money’s worth once you consider its well-thought-out flexibility, support, and cutting-edge engineering.

SHW Electric Adjustable Home Office Computer Desk

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For a more compact and affordable standing desk option that is backed by a simplistic, straight-to-point flexibility solution, we highly recommend the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk. The smooth height adjustment transition is reliable to keep you moving and energized the whole day.

Say goodbye to your messy bundle of wires through its wire management and under-the-table cable basket provision. If organization, mobility, and minimalism are your top priorities, this home desk won’t disappoint.

Key Features

What are its best qualities?

Compared to more expensive standing desks, the SHW computer desk is a great catch for its tag price. You’ll be amazed at the comfort of having a digital display handset on your reach to easily switch your working position with just a push button. You can choose from 4 memory presets depending on your height preference.

Tribesigns Home Computer Office Desk

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Do you prefer a classic and simple desk that’s large enough to support all your office supplies? Nothing beats an all-rounder favorite like this Tribesigns computer office desk. This highly-rated workspace essential is popular for its spacious 63” x 23” framework. The design is proudly made with an open-air aesthetic ideal for excellent leg and wiggle room.

Key Features

What are its exclusive qualities?

This vintage style stunner home desk effectively delivers in terms of ample surface space and weathering the daily wear and tear. It has a 1.97” thick track-style legs to support multiple office gadgets and accessories. Its sleek structure highlights an easy-to-clean, particleboard made of veneer. Overall, it’s a low-maintenance desk option that will get the job done while exceeding your expectations with its quality.

Vitesse Racing Style Gaming and Office Desk

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Who says you can’t juggle office work with some leisure gaming in one complete package? The Vitesse Gaming Style Computer Desk is the perfect multi-purpose addition to function well with your professional work while having the option to switch it up with your hobbies. It’s a sophisticatedly designed desk featuring a spacious 55” surface with a built-in mousepad that covers its entirety for seamless work and play navigation.

Key Features

What makes it exceptional?

Vitesse is structured with the stability and flexibility that gamers, artists, and even just people who prefer a reliable and strongly designed desk will surely enjoy. It has a unique headphone hook feature for an arm reach away convenience. The cup holder that comes with it is a well-thought-of addition as well that will ensure your total comfort in one sitting.

TOPSKY Home Office Desk with Bookshelf

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We all know how much paperwork and supplies pile up once you start working at home. Good thing this TOPSKYComputer Desk is available to compile your stuff with its multi-function shelf neatly. The 8.5” depth of the shelf is the downright solution for storing your books, printer, or speakers without getting your space cramped up.

Key Features

Has a multi-purpose bookshelf underneath the tabletop for storage purposes
Comes with 1-2cm Adjustable Foots for uneven floorings
Spill, stain, and water-resistant with laminated materials
Contemporary and stylish desktop design
Constructed with sturdy reinforced steel

What are its admirable features?

The 55” desk is esteemed with a wobble-free guarantee to protect all your expensive equipment efficiently. You can also level up your organization skills with its metal grommet hole cable cover. How? Its distinct feature will help you streamline your wires and cables with a hassle-free flip-open cover. TOPSKY is your go-to computer office desk choice for the best organization perks.

Bestier Home Office Desk

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Bestier takes space-saving to another level by producing an eco-friendly computer desk that is highly sustainable and functional for all your work needs.

Their compact-sized computer home office desk is highly recommended if you don’t have much space to spare in your workstation. It has four-tier open shelves that can be fixed on the left or right part of the desk. The easy access over your office valuables is remarkable. You can also customize the shelves with decorations such as photos, books, or flowers to match the desk’s aesthetically-pleasing “X” design.

Key Features

What makes it highly-interesting?

The Bestier Computer Desk is certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for meeting a P2 Grade standard. With this badge of quality, you can depend on it for being eco-friendly, meaning it’s safe and healthy to be around your family and pets. It also has anti-scratch, waterproof, and solid construction features.

Monarch Specialties Home Office Desk

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An L-shaped desk from Monarch Specialties is definitely a good value for money if you’re seeking for a sturdily-built work nook fitting well in a corner.

We find its chic two-tone white and grey cement finish a captivating addition that you should highly consider for your space. The extra-long dimension of this home desk is one of the top advantages for you to move around with comfort freely.

Key Features

Why do we like this?

You’ll be getting the best of both worlds with this L-shaped desk, given its ability to be a space saver while still offering you a wide array of storage options. All thanks to its two standard drawers and one filing drawer. They can also be assembled with either the left or ride side of the desk, depending on your liking.

In retrospect, you will love this Monarch Specialties desk for its impressive design, storage capacity, and total convenience.

Coavas Home Office Writing Desk with Storage

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We’ve found the perfect work desk option to keep you productive throughout the day through a classic oak wooden style. We agree with the several 5-star reviews that Caovas has received for its inspiring smooth wood design and texture that allows users to write or draw smoothly. Another noteworthy aspect of it is the ergonomic benefits you will achieve with this intricately-crafted home desk.

Key Features

What makes it a worthwhile workspace investment?

The winning feature for this piece is its smart storage variation. It offers two integrated shelves that are ideal for easy-to-reach work essentials. Then, the additional 3-tier shelves have endless usage perks for keeping your things organized and stylishly curated. You can easily fit two computer screens or laptops while still leaving room for so much more.

How We Chose Our Selection


We ensured that the brands mentioned in this article are the top-rated choices for home office desks. We thoroughly researched their credibility for providing high-quality desks tested for safety, durability, and positive customer experiences. The chosen brands are also highly-acclaimed in the industry, so we know that we’re only recommending you the best of the best.


Real human customer reviews are our top priority. We constructed this in a way that you can relate all your specific needs to help you find the best home office desk that’s truly suited for you. We did all the heavy lifting of compiling verified customer reviews to realistically meet your expectations from the product you’ll purchase.


We understand the value of your hard-earned money. We made sure to curate the most practical home desks that will be worthy of your every penny without sacrificing quality. We also included different price ranges to help you find the perfect desk that’s just within your budget.


Your work environment will profoundly affect your overall productivity that’s why we stand behind the importance of quality checks for the reviews we included here. From the materials, design, and functionality, this article is rooted in premier quality to help you purchase a complete package work desk.


The secret for finding the best home desk for you is discovering what makes you feel like work isn’t work. The options we included here are guaranteed to make your workdays a little bit brighter and more relaxed with its convenient features you can use on the daily.


We chose desks that we thought you’ll find fitting and worthy to take up space in your beautiful homes through their captivating and smart designs. The visual benefits of a nice-looking desk are one of our top priorities as well for your satisfaction.

Other Considerations


We hunted the best warranty options for your home desk as well since the longevity of the warranty protects you from any unwanted issues. We want you to save you a lot of time and money by having the best warranty timeframe for the long run.


One of the top aspects we considered is your convenience when it comes to returning policies. The home desks that we opted to have the best customer service reviews so you won’t have any problem communicating if ever you have concerns with your chosen office.


A reliable home office desk for work shall last you for several years. The sturdiness of the desks mentioned is top-notch to ensure the security of your work equipment. More importantly, it’s a long-term investment that should serve you to be more productive and organized.

Our Final Thoughts

Bringing home the most suitable home office desk is not as hard as it seems once you get to oversee the essential considerations and our top recommendations that will help you decide better on which desk you should purchase.

The detailed explanations and features of the different variations should be good enough to match your specific work desk needs. We are hoping that this extensive buying guide enlightened you well so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your work productively with the best home office desk of your choice.

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