Ashes To Diamonds: Turn Cremated Remains Into Diamonds

Algordanza is a Swiss company that has changed the way we remember our loved ones. They compress cremated ashes, before super-heating them to create a man-made diamond. These diamonds can then be worn and cherished for eternity. It doesn’t matter whether it is a relative, a beloved pet or a family friend, Algordanza accept all types of ashes, allowing you to cherish your loved ones memory while keeping them with you at all times. Algordanza begins this process by extracting the carbon from the deceased’s ashes. This is normally done via a chemical process. The carbon is heated until it turns into graphite, which is then heated again until it reaches 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. While the graphite is being heated, it is also subjected to forces which may reach as high as 870,000 pounds per square inch. This process turns the ashes into a man-made diamond, a priceless treasure for anyone who has lost a loved one.

The color of the diamond can range from dark blue to white. The color of the diamond is fully dependant on the boron content in the ashes. The human body is made up from 18% carbon, and 2% of this carbon remains in the ashes after cremation. This allows the ashes to be made into a diamond, with prices beginning at $4,474 USD, or 4,259 Swiss Francs. This process allows you to take your loved one with you wherever you go, treasuring their memory as well as keeping them with you in your day to day life. Although you can’t choose the color of the diamond, the finish is truly extraordinary, and the diamonds themselves can be made into rings of multiple styles so it doesn’t matter whether you want to treasure your diamonds in a jewelry box or take them with you when on your travels, your loved one will always be with you.


These last two photos are from a man who took his grandmother on a trip through the U.S. after her cremated remains were turned into a diamond ring

memorial-diamond-cremation-ashes-algordanza-5 memorial-diamond-cremation-ashes-algordanza-4


h/t boredpanda

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