Insta-Cash! My 7 Steps On How I Make Money On Instagram

Is it just me? Or have you also noticed the sudden sprout of wannabe photographers everywhere. Anywhere you go, you can see people snapping away pictures of their food, sceneries or even just the ordinary things. You name it, they have it. And they’re not even using the latest model of SLRs, the only thing they’re holding are their smart phones. Now, I’m pretty sure we both know where the photos end up. Yep. Instagram! It’s the hottest social media out there. But have you ever wondered what the truth is behind all these? Are people only uploading their photos for the sake of updates and daily musings? Or is there something else?

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The answer is right here – cash! Yep. That’s right! Instagram is your newest money-making platform. People, both aspiring and established photographers, get paid with huge sums just to capture those photos. It’s the very place where talent is born and bred. But let’s say you’re no camera whiz like me. You’d still earn so much more than you can ever get from your part-time job. I earn $150 a day! I don’t have the best photos nor do I have the connections to advertising agencies. So how do I make money on Instagram? Easy! I give out freebies! Don’t roll your eyes just yet. That’s only a little giveaway in exchange for what you’re gonna get in return. Imagine that. I got over $4,500 the past month but that’s only the minimum. I’m looking at exceeding that this month.

Why You Should Try This New Money-making Platform

So before I go ahead and share with you those 7 easy steps to make money. I’ll give you a quick rundown on why so many people are jumping into this ship and why you should, too.

1. It’s free!

Enough said. Where can you find something that requires no financial capital and still give you enough funds? No one would be silly enough to pass up an opportunity like this. So there’s no need for hesitation. You can try this one out immediately.

2. Everyone needs that extra cash.

Times are simply hard. Sometimes, no matter how much we try, our day jobs just could not give us enough to finance our needs, much less raise a family. Even if you work multiple jobs, it’s just not enough. So it’ll always help to be on the lookout for something that will fund your financial needs while at the same time, require less time and effort for you to maintain your other jobs.

3. It’s not risky.

There’s no big investment necessary that’ll dry you up. This one only needs a few bucks, a phone and the internet. There’s no major investment. So it’s always safe to try it out. And once you do, you’ll surely love it.

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4. There are so many editing apps available

Even if you’re no camera whiz, you can get so many likes for your photos. You don’t need to be an expert of Photoshop. Just download the right editing apps. There are lots of apps that are free. I use an iPhone and with every upgrade, I get these new exciting apps that allow me to edit my photo megapixel by megapixel.

5. Opportunities and connections are limitless

In short, sky’s the limit! As long as you know what to do and how to do it well, this could very well be the start of making your dreams a reality, say a new gadget or that car you’ve been eyeing for so long. There are so many people in the social media that you can really make it big.

7 Easy Steps to Make Money on Instagram

I know by now that you’re dying to know how it works so I won’t stall you any further. Here are the steps on how I started making $150 a day on my first month.

Step 1: Create an account with a semi-popular niche

It all starts with an account on Instagram. Now, don’t just go and create any account. You should take time to think about your username and profile picture. And most importantly, you have to carefully think which niche you want to belong to. It’s best to choose a semi-popular niche which means that there are already existing accounts that have at least 600,000 to 1 million followers. The most common niches would be fashion, food and travel. There are those that include nutrition and sports too. Choose something that interests you. You can align this with the photos that you’re going to post.

Step 2: Grow your account

You need as many followers as possible. So start growing your account. You can do this via two effective ways. The first one is to start following others and liking their photos. Follow the followers of the bigger accounts from your own niche. They are your potential followers. But don’t just follow them just for the sake of, unless you’re using a bot. I personally don’t. I’d rather choose. Like their photos and make your presence known. How? Post comments and use hash tags. They’ll surely take notice and start following you.

The second way is to post photos regularly. Try posting at least once a day. But make sure you take note of the time. Most people would check their IG in the morning, during their break and after dinner before they go to sleep. So it’s best to use these time slots wisely. Include comments, new hash tags and CTAs. That’s a Call-to-action. Post a photo then write something about it like tag your friends and share the wonderful news #tagandshare or let’s see all your weird poses for the day #weirdposeoftheday. That’ll create a buzz and you’ll get more followers. Try to get a shoutout. It can come from a famous personality or anyone who has a large following. If you don’t know such person then, you can always buy them from larger accounts. Just make sure they belong to the same niche as you otherwise, that’ll be pointless.

Step 3: Post a giveaway

By now, you should be able to get a number of likes for each of your posts. Once you have at least 500 likes for each of your photos then, it’s time for your next step. Post your giveaway. But choose wisely. You wouldn’t want to post a giveaway that only a limited number of people would be interested in. Try to post a giveaway item that’s worth at least $500. That’ll catch their attention. It has to be something that belongs to your niche or something general like a smart phone. But never ever post a giveaway that belongs to some other niche. That’s why choosing a niche is a very important step. Choose an accompanying photo that will catch their attention like a celebrity holding your giveaway item. It won’t be hard to find. Just Google it!

Step 4: Sign up for a CPA network

The next thing you have to do is to sign up for a CPA network. This is where you can generate money. I use CPA content lockers on a landing page. Okay, whaaat? Don’t worry. It’s really simple. This only means that people can only enter your giveaway competition when they answer a short survey. This is where you earn. For every person who completes the survey, you can earn at least $1 to $10. Only when they completed the survey will they be able to access the giveaway competition form. So imagine if you have 500 followers and let’s say all of them choose to enter your giveaway contest. That means you get $500 instantly. And that’s only the minimum. What if that survey is worth $10? Sweet, isn’t it?

For CPA network, you can join a number of sites that provide it like CPAgrip, CPAlead, CleanFiles and AdworkMedia. I personally use CPAgrip and it works well for me. Here’s the link for it.

Step 5: Create a content locker

Once you’ve signed up for a CPA network, you have to create a content locker. That means that there will be a short popup that will load every time your followers want to view and enter your giveaway competition. Now, I’m going to give you the step-by-step of creating the content locker using CPAgrip. I’m not sure with the rest of the sites but I heard they’re almost similar. But since I use CPAgrip, I’m most familiar with it.

So once you’ve signed up for the CPA network, you have to go to the “Monetization Tools”. There are so many tools, from file lockers to video lockers to virtual currency and offer walls. We wouldn’t mind those, though you can always check them out later on. For now, choose the “Content Locker”. Now, you can create your own content locker. Make sure to write on it. That’s the whole point. And you’ll also need to fill out a short survey. That’ll ensure that you’re human and not a bot. Once you’re done. Take note of the code. You’ll need to copy and paste that code onto your website.

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Step 6: Create a landing page

You’re almost done! Once you have your network and content locker, you’d need a landing page that will house your giveaway competition. This is also where you’ll be linking your content locker code.

You can choose to create your landing page on OptimizePress or WordPress. The latter has these really beautiful themes that you can use. They’re fairly easy and simple to do. The only problem with these two is that you have to pay. If you want to create a free website then, there’s always The only problem with wix is that your url can look like this – which, well, it can look tacky. If you want something more then, you can check out Unbounce, Optimizely, Leadpages, Squarespace, Shopify and Unbounce. In short, the possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to set your homepage. It should be something like Win an iPhone! Limited time only! It should be something like that. The important part is that you shouldn’t forget to write this next line – To enter, please fill out your information below. Once you’re done, you should now proceed to posting your content locker. Remember the code that I asked you to take note of? Yep! That’s the one. It’s time to place it on your landing page. How? Place it in the html box. There are so many html widgets on the sites mentioned above so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Oh and make sure to get your website is mobile optimized. Most people just view their IGs from their mobile device so it’s best to make them viewable with their phones. Otherwise, they’ll be so irritated that they’ll simply give up. And this would translate to missed opportunities.

Step 7: Start counting your money!

You’re done! You only have to sit back and watch your money roll in. Let’s say you get 600 likes on a giveaway photo, and 200 checked out your website for the giveaway and at least a hundred of them completed the survey. That’s at LEAST $100, considering that a survey earns you $1. But more likely, they cost you more so that means you earn more.

The key really is to have many followers. Build on your connections! I’ve grown to the point where I get at least 3,000 likes for every giveaway photo I post. From the surveys, I earn around $1,000. I normally do a giveaway once a week so in a month, I’d get at least $4,000. And that’s only my first month.

Okay. That’s about it! I do hope you guys learned from this thread. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment and ask. Thanks!

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