7 Methods To Making Money Online For Traveling Purposes

Beta Explorer posted an article showcasing 7 different ways to making money online for traveling purposes. It’s a pretty short list of interesting online services that I don’t think a lot of people know about. If you’re able to automate some of these services and schedule it into your daily life, then getting that extra cash wouldn’t be too hard.

Survey On The Go

A simple mobile app that you can do “surveys on the go.” Do this while you’re on the bus, or walking around… why not?


Backpack Bang

Cool concept. You get paid for brining an item across the country. People around the world wants to buy US products, and don’t want to pay for expensive shipping, so this service allow buyers to connect to people who are already traveling towards their hometown. You’re acting like a courier and the site will pay you money once you deliver the goods.


Field Agent

Make money researching for other businesses. You’re essentially an auditor for local business as they’re always trying to find ways to improve their services.



Are you a creative or a professional? Offer simple services to people around the world for $5 or more. There are so many ways to automate this process and we’ll get deeper into it later on, but for now, check it out and play around with that you can offer.


Take Lessons

Love math, science or language? Teach it to someone.



If you’re often talking to your friends about something, then you’re an expert. Be rewarded for your knowledge. Get paid by the minute on a phone call.


Flight Car

Make money by renting out your car to people at selected airports. If you’re already leaving your car at the parking lot, why not make extra money by letting others use it? This service has insurance up to $1M, so you won’t have to worry about accidents. You’ll also get free parking at the airport and a free car wash.


BONUS: Beta Explorer

For the outdoor explorers. They’re building something that’ll help adventure seekers make some extra money. I would definitely sign up to get up to date information. Can’t hurt.




A great introduction to know what the digital world has to offer. Making money online for traveling can be pretty easy if you can find your niche and offer your expertise. This post isn’t about making 6 figures, but its to help with your traveling needs. After all, you won’t be needing a lot of money when you’re traveling to Asia because everything there is pretty affordable. You’ll just need to find the right hustle and keep pushing forward. Never let your dreams be let down because making money online is very achievable.

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