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These 14 Ignorant Fathers Should Hang the Portrait of Stannis Baratheon in Their Bedrooms

Don’t show these gifs to moms, because their tender hearts can collapse. This post will be like an eternal illustration they will always remind you about, when you say: honey, we’re going to play outside or go fishing, or do something a little bit more risky than watching TV. These guys promised that everything would be ok too, and look what happened, the wives will answer. So check the post when you’re alone and try to be slightly more careful next time you’ll be showing your son some cool moves.

Never try to teach your kid something, if you aren’t an expert. This boy surely won’t turn into a life-long soccer fan.

This seems to be a staged video, but it still looks funny

Dad’s trollface is priceless. His big boy has just failed

The kids were begging their dad to take them to the horror movie, but the dad brought horror home instead

‘Hold on, son. Will be like Tony Hawk and his son’

Combo, man

‘Hope my wife didn’t spot it or I’m dead’

‘Dad, I’m almost late for my dance class’

Double miss. Luckily he managed to save the kid

This man overestimated his catching skills. It’s scary to imagine what his wife told him

This reminds us that dad is one who should care about safety and health

We know who sucks at physics

Quick revenge

Excellent goalkeeping! That’s my son!

Speak about your accidents like these. We promise not to tell anyone.

What do you think?

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