This Guy Turns Snapchats Into Creative Work of Art

This creative individual, that goes by the name @geeohsnap, takes pictures of random people and adds sketches using Snapchat. He often sketch ideas and funny situations on the way to work or public transportation. His reason for creating these artful snaps? To bring smiles to people’s faces…

snapchat-phone-drawings-real-people-geeohsnap-1 giraffe in a bus people and wile things games bad loser

snapchat-phone-drawings-real-people-geeohsnap-5 snapchat-phone-drawings-real-people-geeohsnap-6 the simpsons moe's bar soft monster pirates in city bored panda hugging seagull bear hugging broccoli animal free ride costume party disney pixar movie up and monsters dirty streets chef feeding time superman squirrel busted random people

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