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10 Sites That Offers Free Eye Popping Images For Your Blog

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and getting your readers attention now a days is tough, with decreasing attention span. In our modern world, everything seems to be moving at hyper-speeds, with inflow of information left and right. There’s a study that was conducted by Hubspot that revealed “photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post.” The same study goes on by saying that “photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post.” So the only way to get your reader’s attention is to find eye-catching visuals. This post provides you with 10 best sites that offer gorgeous free images for your blog.

#1 Rgbstock

This isn’t your typical stock photography site. There are graphic designers and other artists as well as photographers that contribute to the site. Just to forewarn you, there’s a higher ratio of graphics and abstract art than other sites mentioned. The caveat to this site, it requires you to register, but it’s completely free. Rgbstock is a great resource for blogs that need a lot of graphics or abstract images.

#2 Ancestry Images

Ancestry Images is a great place for those looking for historical images. This doesn’t include general stock photography, instead focuses on highly specific historical documents like antique maps and decorative prints. Need something from the 1800s or perhaps an old map of China, this site is your friend.

#3 Public Domain Pictures

This site has a combination of paid and free images. Most of the images are free, just the larger, higher quality ones require you to pay, usually between $0.05 and $0.10. Public Domain Pictures is a conveniently categorized site that lets you filter your images by popularity, rating, and date.

#4 Flickr

You probably heard of Flickr, a very popular site that dated way back in 2004. Its gone a long way since then, so you know that there’s millions or even billions of photos that you can pick from. Not all are for public use, or free, but you will definitely find some good quality free ones.

#5 Free Images


#6 Photogen

Need something that looks more natural, not professional? Photogen is the place for you, offering simple and somewhat unique photos for whatever you’re looking for.

#7 Foodies Feed

If you’re in the food business, this site is perfect for you. Lots of amazing food photos for your use! There is also a premium subscription that Foodies Feed offers, but nevertheless, the free subscription can already be good enough. This site offers high quality images to pair with your delicious food posts.

#8 Unsplash

Another great resource that’s completely free is Unsplash. This site is filled with creative photography from amazing photographers around the world. The site hasn’t been around too long, but you’ll still be able to find some great quality photos.

#9 Pixabay

Offering almost one million free photos from subjects as diverse as fresh asparagus and mountain goats to stunning cityscapes and portraits. Pixabay has a very large database of photos and is very comprehensive. All photos are completely free, and not required to credit the source of any way. One of the best resources for grabbing awesome photos.

#10 Skitterphoto

Skitterphoto offers quite the variety of public domain images. You’ll find delicious-looking sushi to adorable new born puppies, with a wide range of quality photos, from amateur to professional. A neat feature is you’ll be able to see how many downloads there are, so you’ll know how many sites are using them if you’re going for uniqueness.

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