This Company Is Paying Their Employees To Travel Around The World

ThinkPARALLAX, an 11-person creative agency that values their employees to deliver innovative ideas to help construct and promote brand identities has invested $1,500 of traveling budget to each staff member to take a trip anywhere around the world. The idea is to help inspire them through life experiences, outside of their stagnant comfort zones, with a few reasonable stipulations:

1. The trip must take place between September and December.

2. It has to be a place the individual has never been before.

3. Must document the trip on the company’s website.

“When you don’t put a timeline behind things, people tend not to do them,” says Jonathan Hanwit, a co-founder at the company. “It also forces everybody to realize that they can pick up the slack, and creates a more cohesive work environment.”

So far, the team members have traveled Germany, Holland, New Zealand, and Machu Picchu. See more about the PARALLAXploration project that is currently ongoing.

ThinkPARALLAX isn’t the only company to offer these perks. TED gives its employees a mandatory summer vacation, and Airbnb gives workers a $2,000 travel credit (to stay at Airbnb sites, of course).

ThinkPARALLAX vacation travel paying their employees
ThinkPARALLAX vacation travel
paying their employees


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