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  • Woman Offered This Sloth A Treat, But He Wanted More

    This woman was at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, and wanted to offer her new friend a little treat, but instead, she got something more, a nice little hug 🙂 This video just reminded me of the new animation that’s coming out… To be honest, I haven’t really seen a sloth in real life […] More

  • 12 Outstanding Comic Book Inspired Supercars

    Police car vandalized by Joker

    Big boys need toys as well as kids do. Ferraris or Lamborghinis are supercars themselves, but being devoted fans of Batman or Iron Man, I’m more opted for the superhero supercars. If you’re a banker, investor or a respectable advocate, you can’t put on a costume of Spider Man, because people would laugh at you. But […] More

  • Try Visiting These 7 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

    Who knows where the limits of insane luxury are? The owners and architects of these posh hotels definitely don’t. Just imagine any unbelievable stuff and you would surely find it there. These hotels are more the monuments of the human wastefulness and extravagancy. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”1426201257″] Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi It costed about $3 billion to […] More

  • 18 Amazing Gifts to Make Your Beer-Addicted Bro Happy

    You surely have a friend who says ‘No beer, no party’ and suffers from hangover every Sunday. We know a perfect gift for him. We have even a pack of cool gifts here. Some of these products may fit to décor your precious mancave. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00SU9ACGA”] Crocheted beer mitt. Super gift for Christmas. As a rule, […] More

  • 25 Photos of Supernatural Wealth That Are Routine in Dubai

    This Arabian city is a widely-recognized capital of unbelievable oil money. People there seem to try all known ways to entertain themselves and even move along the Jordan Belford’s party list. And they’re searching for something new now. That’s why shocked tourists can easily spot a wild cat sleeping peacefully in a passenger’s seat or […] More

  • Best Sports Commercials of 2015

    Don’t blame commercials for stealing your time. Yes, some of them are boring and banal, but these cool videos are more fascinating than most of the regular season games. Star athletes are shown in two ways: nice home boys and almighty gods. Both images are awesome. If we forgot any smart adverts that you believe should […] More

  • These 14 Ignorant Fathers Should Hang the Portrait of Stannis Baratheon in Their Bedrooms

    Don’t show these gifs to moms, because their tender hearts can collapse. This post will be like an eternal illustration they will always remind you about, when you say: honey, we’re going to play outside or go fishing, or do something a little bit more risky than watching TV. These guys promised that everything would […] More

  • 21 Cool Mancave Decor Ideas

    Every man dreams of his private harbor where no one will disturb him (except pizza deliverers and his friends on NFL or NBA occasions, of course). That’s really affordable and realizable, even if you live in a small house in a pleasant suburbia. All you need is a little bit fantasy, skillful hands, and maybe […] More

  • Intel Set 100 Dancing Drones Into The Sky, Creating Beauty

    Intel set the Guinness World Record for the most drones controlled by four people. Intel lit up the sky with 100 drones performing a light show (coordinated by Intel software) that’s synced to a live orchestra playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.This stunt is very interesting to watch and can really change the game of using the […] More

  • Chinese Wedding Attracts Jealous Commentators Online

    Pictures of southern Chinese wedding is going viral on Chinese social media. It all started when the popular Hong Kong TV host, Bob Lam, posted the photo of the bride with her jewelry According to Southern Metropolis Daily, the bride’s dowry was worth several million yuan [1 million yuan = $151,843.00] Picture of money and gold […] More

  • Google Used Tiny Cars to Shoot Street Views of Miniature Wunderland

    Have you ever seen the famous Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany? It is the world’s largest model railway spanning 13,993 square-feet (1,300 square meters) of floor space that features 15,400 meters of track, 335,000 lights, 215,00 human figurines, 14,450 carriages, 930 trains, and 228,000 trees. This little car was actually built to drive around the […] More

  • 12 Affordable Men’s Watch For The Last-Minute Gift Shoppers

    Stressing out because you’re still looking for a last minute gift for your husband or boyfriend? Here’s a list of some great looking men’s watch under $300 that you may consider. Links are included. Good luck choosing! Nixon Sentry Leather Watch, 42mm, $150 Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Watch, $95.99 Fossil Grant Chronograph Brown Leather Watch, $115.00 […] More

  • Thanks to Google, You Can Now Transform Your Smartphone Into a Lightsaber

    Today is the day! The Force has awakened. Legion of Star Wars fans and geeks all over the world have been waiting for this day since forever. To celebrate this much-awaited release, Google together with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic, unveiled another treat for all of us called, Lightsaber Escape. If you’re aware […] More

  • Adidas New Ocean Plastic and 3D Printing Trainers for Eco-Friendly Runners

    Adidas has taken on a whole new meaning of recycled shoes… Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company take on this task. I must hand it to Adidas, they’ve come a long way and now their shoe design is on point. Earlier this week in Paris, Adidas unveiled the 3D-printed Ocean Plastic shoe […] More

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    Graffiti Artist Played With Authorities, Escalated Hilariously

    The images below shows an amusing photo series of what happens when a British graffiti artist battles with the local authorities. These images were posted on Mobster, an “organized artistic crime” group, that documents images of work found on streets and other locations by persons unknown. “I cycled past this wall on the way to […] More

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