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  • Interior Design Images Will Take Your House To Another Level!

    Do you live in a small boring home? Well I know a lot of people work hard to buy bigger and better places to live, or remodel to something that they’re not happy with. Its hard find great inspiration, something that you’ll truly love. You and I know that some interior design ideas can be […] More

  • What Famous Cartoon Characters Look Like Before Morning Coffee

    We all need our daily dose of caffeine in the morning to get our day started. Sometimes we’re not in the best mood, or look the best. But have you ever wondered what some cartoon characters would look like if they didn’t have coffee? Samuel Milham created just that! A series of famous cartoon characters […] More

  • The New 99 Cent IKEA Fashion Line 2017 All Season Collection

    You’ve probably heard of the Balenciaga’s $2,145 version of their iconic 99 cents Frakta bag? Well, now it seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie! Currently trending, the Ikea blue fashion-forward tote bag-esque clothing line from hats all the way down to your undies! It definitely doesn’t look comfortable, but what do I […] More

  • Guy Photoshops Himself Into "Best Picture" Oscar-Nominee

    We all have those fantasies of being in a movie, but have you ever pictured yourself being in a “Best Picture” Oscar-Nominee Poster? Well this one guy has definitely out done himself. Guy Madjar, hilariously photoshopped himself into the posters you’ll see below, ranging from Hidden Figures to Fences. More

  • 8 Habits to Adopt for that Flawless Looking Skin

    Healthy skin is a dream for any woman. Achieving a naturally glowing skin is possible for you through adopting new and healthy habits. Any celebrity always has that perfect skin, which is admirable. It is possible for you too to have that skin you wish. Sacrifices like having to exercise daily or having to wash […] More

  • 6 Unforgettable Family Holidays That Has Inspired Your Life

    Family holidays are no longer what they used to feel like. Remember the ball sports and board games which used to be the order of the day. Then you would go to resorts and bask in the sun along the beaches or spend time in costly hotel rooms. Things have changed and your family deserves […] More

  • EAT SMART: Kick Start your Metabolism with These Foods

    One of the best lifestyle choices one has to make for healthier living is watching what they eat. Currently, most of us are on the lookout for food labels to avoid the intake of foods that will have adverse impacts on their body as well as their overall health. Consequently, it has led to an […] More

  • 9 Ways to Make Traveling with your Family More Memorable

    traveling with your family

    The best way to bond with your family and create memories is to travel. This way, you get to see new places, meet new cultures, learn about different people and spend quality time with your loved ones. As much as we love to travel when you’re taking your family with you, it can be quite […] More

  • 7 Methods To Making Money Online For Traveling Purposes

    Beta Explorer posted an article showcasing 7 different ways to making money online for traveling purposes. It’s a pretty short list of interesting online services that I don’t think a lot of people know about. If you’re able to automate some of these services and schedule it into your daily life, then getting that extra cash wouldn’t […] More

  • 17 Women Revealed The Most Cringeworthy Thing Their Partner Said To Them In Public

    1. At the casino… Comment from discussion Ladies, what is the cringiest thing your SO has said to you in public? How did you react?.   2. To their conservative friend… Comment from discussion Ladies, what is the cringiest thing your SO has said to you in public? How did you react?.   3. In […] More

  • US Government Doesn’t Think Highly Of Those Damn Hoverboards

    Tired of the hoverboard phase? Don’t worry, turns out, the U.S. Government doesn’t think so highly of this gadget, either. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sent out a message to hoverboard importers and retailers on Thursday, alerting them to the fact that many hoverboards pose a high safety risk to customers. “Self-balancing scooters that […] More

  • Woman Offered This Sloth A Treat, But He Wanted More

    This woman was at the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, and wanted to offer her new friend a little treat, but instead, she got something more, a nice little hug 🙂 This video just reminded me of the new animation that’s coming out… To be honest, I haven’t really seen a sloth in real life […] More

  • 12 Outstanding Comic Book Inspired Supercars

    Police car vandalized by Joker

    Big boys need toys as well as kids do. Ferraris or Lamborghinis are supercars themselves, but being devoted fans of Batman or Iron Man, I’m more opted for the superhero supercars. If you’re a banker, investor or a respectable advocate, you can’t put on a costume of Spider Man, because people would laugh at you. But […] More

  • Try Visiting These 7 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

    Who knows where the limits of insane luxury are? The owners and architects of these posh hotels definitely don’t. Just imagine any unbelievable stuff and you would surely find it there. These hotels are more the monuments of the human wastefulness and extravagancy. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”1426201257″] Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi It costed about $3 billion to […] More

  • 18 Amazing Gifts to Make Your Beer-Addicted Bro Happy

    You surely have a friend who says ‘No beer, no party’ and suffers from hangover every Sunday. We know a perfect gift for him. We have even a pack of cool gifts here. Some of these products may fit to décor your precious mancave. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00SU9ACGA”] Crocheted beer mitt. Super gift for Christmas. As a rule, […] More

  • 25 Photos of Supernatural Wealth That Are Routine in Dubai

    This Arabian city is a widely-recognized capital of unbelievable oil money. People there seem to try all known ways to entertain themselves and even move along the Jordan Belford’s party list. And they’re searching for something new now. That’s why shocked tourists can easily spot a wild cat sleeping peacefully in a passenger’s seat or […] More

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