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  • 10 Ways To Instantly Feel More Motivated


    It can be quite difficult to get started on the work you have planned, in fact, any aspect of life can be difficult to cope with when it comes to mustering up enough motivation to complete a task.  We’ve curated the top ten tips to help you take action against procrastination and the habit of […] More

  • 10 Toxic Relationships You Need To Steer Clear Of

    male and female wearing gas mask - toxic relationship

    In today’s world, toxic relationships are everywhere, you could even be in one right now.  While toxicity could lurk anywhere and around any corner, it usually breeds more in romantic relationships, long term connections and even in the dating scene. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship that’s just been burdened with guilt and fights, it […] More

  • 8 Luxurious and The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World (Photos Included)


    We like to feature some amazing places around the world, from time to time, we’ll get into the riches, why? Well, because some of our readers like to indulge in luxury. Who doesn’t want to go on vacation and get pampered? Just imagine the amazing life experiences you’ll have. These are some of the most […] More

  • 10 Exciting Things To Do On Boracay Island, Philippines


    For the past four years, Boracay has been topping the lists of best island destinations in the world. Find out why more and more travellers are falling in love with it and keep coming back. Is it just the powdery white sand and warm, tranquil waters? The beachfront buffets and lively evening parties? Or the […] More

  • 11 Gorgeous Beach Bars This World Has To Offer


    If you’re like us, then all you want to do is lay by the pool and sip on some nice cold Mojitos in the summer time. In this article, we will be going through some of the most amazing beach bars in the world with some breathtaking views. If you’re reading this article, then that […] More

  • 12 Perfect Honeymoon Island Destinations to Consider in Asia


    Finding the perfect honeymoon destinations can be overwhelming. Especially when all you want to do is soak in that newly-wedded bliss with your partner. If you want to make your honeymoon planning a whole lot easier, talk to your spouse about the factors that you need to consider. Usually, the best place to start is […] More

  • 9 Power Coolers To Have For Any Summer Outdoors Occassion

    best ice chest

    Finding the best ice chest cooler is as difficult as finding the perfect camping tent for personal taste. Outdoor coolers have the same adventurous spirit as those who carry them. Your cooler should be able to handle any drops or even attacks from wile animals. Whether you’re planning to take this cooler deep-sea fishing, big […] More

  • Your 72 Hours in Auckland

    things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

    Once your flights start going into the double digits in hours, the majority of New Zealand-bound travelers land in Auckland. It’s a quarter of its population, making it the country’s largest city. Auckland has similar cultural feats, with familiar foods to the States, and with everything in English, it makes one comfortable landing pad for foreigners. […] More

  • 12 Essential Grilling Tools You’ll Need This Summer

    grilling tools for summer

    Cooking directly over an open flame, or what we would call it today, “grilling,” is fundamentally primitive. Tools used to grilling should be uncomplicated. All you need is just simple, well-made tools to facilitate your clean turns and lessen the risk of singed arm hairs. We have provided you 12 of the best-made, most rudimentary […] More

  • 5 Tips On Getting Better Espresso By The 2017 Barista Championship

    better espresso gear

    The smaller one thing is, the much less room for error. A 1-ounce espresso shot is dense, viscous, extremely concentrated. If one aspect is off — grounds too fine or water too exhausting — the cup is compromised. Subsequently, espresso, for all its challenges, rewards tinkering obsessives. Getting better espresso is nothing but creating art. […] More

  • Dad Trolls Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies, Ends Up 2x More Follows Than Her

    The best dad goes to Chris “Burr” Martin, a podcaster and comedian, who hilariously trolls his daughter by creating the exact same pose as her Instagram selfies. These pictures have gotten him a lot of publicity, and from his brilliantly fun and light-hearted shaming of Cassie’s (daughter) selfies, he has generated double the amount of followers than […] More

  • 10 Hilarious Product Instructions and Tags

    Who reads instructions or tags now a days? Most of us don’t really care to pay attention to the product instructions when we pay for something new, however, we think these images will start getting you to do so. Here’s a list of 10 hilarious product instructions and tags that we think you’ll be glad […] More

  • NAKEFIT! The New Stick-On Soles Where You Can Go Barefoot Anywhere!

    This new Italian startup, NakeFit, has brought a unique idea to life where you can finally go barefoot where studies have shown that its beneficial for your feet. They created these stick-on pads that look unorthodox, but actually have a set of very useful functions to help your feet relax and not worry about all the […] More

  • Hotel In The Mountains Built With Shipping Containers Looks So Amazing

    Coming from the west coast area, we’ve been seeing some new developments with shipping containers. There are a lot of different types of businesses you can do with it: shopping, retail, offices. But to be honest, I’ve never thought you’d be able to create a hotel out of shipping containers! This hotel, Quadrum, is shipped […] More

  • Serena Williams Topless As Pregnant Goddess For Vanity Fair, People Find It “Disgusting”

    Serena Williams topless Vanity Fair Magazine Cover Photoshoot

    Serena Williams, the worldwide tennis champion player has celebrated her upcoming arrival of her little one, by posing for the cover of Vanity Fair – wearing nothing but panties and body chains. Serena is pregnant with Reddit inventor Alexis Ohanian, which they met back in 2015 at a hotel in Rome. They soon became close and […] More

  • Award-Winning Photographer Vijce Shows Us How Photography Is Done

    Here’s some great inspiration from an award-winning photographer Vijce, who has taken a ‘boring’ and ‘ugly’ location and turned into something magnificent. Which is why Vijce is a pro photographer. Vijce wrote in an interview from PetaPixel: To be honest, I’ve captured my favorite street photos in the ugliest of all place… Sure, it’s a bit […] More

  • Cosplay Alyson Tabbitha Will Have You Speechless With These Images

    cosplay alyson tabbitha

    This talented young lady, named Alyson Tabbitha, can literally turn herself into any cosplay character. If you don’t believe me, then go right ahead and start scrolling down. Alyson started doing cosplay professional back in 2014. Alyson has always been exposed to cosplay ever since she was a baby. Her mother used to be a […] More

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