8 Luxurious and The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World (Photos Included)

#8. The Las Vegas Palms, Nevada, USA

You’ve probably seen this room many times on television or in movies, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s one of the more expensive suites you can rent in Las Vegas. Rooms include, rotating beds, a glass elevator, or even an infinity pool hanging out over the Las Vegas strip. This is actually for those renting the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, where you can fit up to 250 guests for a party. Not bad for a hotel suite, not bad at all.

The pool from the room to the stripstackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-08-las-vegas-palms-nevada-01-infinity-pool

You’ll be able to find a good time just relaxing at The Palms stackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-08-las-vegas-palms-nevada-02-living-room-suite-pool

Pool table in the suite? Why not.stackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-08-las-vegas-palms-nevada-03


The world has plenty of luxurious hotels – these are some of the top ones, but there are many more to discover. Some so secluded the average man will never hear of them (I’ve met the men who did stay in them, hence how I found out).

However, if you have the time and the money, you’ll be sure to find them. And one could spend one’s time doing worse things than looking for luxury hotels, couldn’t one?

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