8 Luxurious and The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World (Photos Included)

#5. Mardan Palace Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

Another hotel that cost over a billion to build, the Mardan Palace Hotel is what it says it is on the label: a palace. It has the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean. When you see the size of the hotel in person, you’ll know/see why.

This place is filled with bars, restaurants, spas, and of course, it has a beach – where the sand was flown in from Egypt. Call it opulence, or call it a waste, whatever way around, this place is luxurious and one of the most beautiful hotels in the world (see what I did there?).


Dinner with an aquarium

Their luxurious suitestackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-05-Mardan-Palace-Hotel-Antalya-Turkey-06-Royal-Suite

They even have a luxury gym with a huge poolstackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-05-Mardan-Palace-Hotel-Antalya-Turkey-05-gym

Have you seen a common area like this before?stackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-05-Mardan-Palace-Hotel-Antalya-Turkey-04

Even the night shot is magnificentstackliving-most-beautiful-hotels-05-Mardan-Palace-Hotel-Antalya-Turkey-02

More info about the hotel: Mardan Palace Hotel, Antalya

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