8 Luxurious and The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World (Photos Included)

#2. The Boulders, Arizona, USA

If you fancy the outdoors, then this next one could be up your alley. This hotel is a literally built from boulders, hence the name. And The Boulders is actually quite very fancy. Cave living definitely takes on a whole new meaning.

The Boulders is surrounded by two golf courses and offers an indulgent spa. The hotel owns about 1,300 acres of desert, big enough for you to get your own slice of paradise. If you’re up for an adventure, they offer activities in the form of rock climbing, a Grand Canyon air tour, horseback riding and stargazing with a professional astronomer.

Or if you seek anonymity, The Boulders also has a VIP Villa Retreat where you can disconnect from everything. In fact, guests are so top secret the hotel won’t reveal who’s stayed there until after they’re dead.

Have you ever seen a hotel made out of boulders?


Where you can really disconnect from the world



Or if you fancy golfing, this should be on your top places to tee off.


More info about the hotel: The Boulders, Arizona

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