Get Things Done, Tips to be Productive on the Road

Being productive on the road to work might not be something you would’ve thought of lately. Most of the time we’re too busy keeping up with our schedule that transportation just becomes that boring routine on the way to big challenges at work. However, being productive on the road to work is certainly something possible and highly rewarding as well. The key is often to arrange things so that you can be productive as you move, without affecting the rest of your day negatively.

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Choose the right tasks

Transports always shake up your things in all kinds of direction, and even if you might’ve been used to doing work on the way to school in the bus when you were young, things are probably different this time around. The documents you have in your hand might be precious and opening up a big report in the middle of the ride might not be the best idea.

That’s why you need to choose the right tasks to be productive on the road and obtain even more of an advantage when you reach the office. It could be those little tasks that always make you stop during the day or even those that have been lingering on your laptop. Sometimes getting rid of a task that you’ve been postponing, even a minor one, can make you feel free and lead you to more productivity.

Get the right tools

Being productive on the road might feel like a big effort, but that might be so because you don’t own the right items. If you haven’t picked up the latest ads of your nearby electronic stores in a while, you might very well do so and find something that will suit your needs. The right electronic items could also raise your level of enthusiasm when it comes to your work on the road.

This could be essential to make you forget about all the bumps and noises around when you’re on the bus or train. Choose a device that’s light and that isn’t complicated to use. Tablets or even small versions of laptops such as Chrombooks can do wonders when it comes to completing some small tasks on the road. By using one of these devices instead of your main laptop for work for instance, you can have all your small tasks in one place without being distracted by your main ones.

Change things up

And next, working on the road might feel like a burden or even something impossible to you if you’re too used to completing the same routine each day. Indeed, it’s easy to feel out of place when you start working at a place and time that you have never done so in the past. That’s why taking a new road, and even a new mean of transportation can open up new opportunities to work for you.

The costs might change, but try to put a value on what you’re now accomplishing on the road to work and evaluate what’s being gained in the long run. Ask yourself what are the difference in terms of your feeling at work or if you feel more at ease when you head back home (of course you can always work as well when you come back from work). Changing things up can help you appreciate what working on the road to work is really about, instead of feeling like you’re just adding more workload to your day.

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Plan beforehand

For maximum effectiveness on the road, it’s highly suggested that you plan what you’re going to do beforehand. It might feel like a pain at first to organize what won’t even be a full working session on the train or bus, but looking for your stuff and deciding what to do can kill the whole purpose of working on the road to work in the first place. Carry a short list of what’s appropriate and can be done outside work and carry it with you to make sure what file to open as soon as your device is done starting up on the train or bus.

This will allow you to concentrate on what matters, and besides, taking decisions and choosing what to do in a place that’s noisy and that shakes can be pretty hard. So, the night before or in the morning, make an effort to choose what you can do on the way to work, and soon the selection of these tasks will come to you automatically. Once you start being productive on the road to work, it will become a habit at work to think of tasks that you can put aside for that specific moment. Completing small tasks might not appear like it makes you a lot of money at first, but if you look at the big picture and notice how this can affect your productivity in the long run, it can be a very wise move to start.

So to summarize, being productive on the road to work can mean some effort and even some investments at first, but once you get into it, the rewards start piling up and the whole deal becomes easier. Don’t be afraid to switch things up so that you can get into this new routine to help you meet your next money making goals. Your training can start now if you want it to, and soon that bumpy ride to work can become your best opportunity to get some extra work done.

Of course, that will mean more than ever before that you need to be in good physical shape and well rested to make the most of what will be a day that will be a little longer… but one that will bring in more money in the long run. And let’s not forget that peace of mind that comes with having the little things done all week long. As long as you don’t get it all confused with some tasks that should stay at work, being productive on the road to work should only be a winning formula for you, and not a burden.

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