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Top 5 Unique Wall Clocks For Your Modern Home

There are gazillion different types of wall clocks in this modern day. I know, I know... You're probably asking yourself, when was the last time I've ever looked on a wall to tell time? I totally get it, most of us use our phone and/or computer. However, I still think there's a time (pun intended) and place for everyone, especially for those that love unique wall clocks as decors for their home. 

Imagine you came home late one night, maybe from a party, drunk out of your mind, and you forgot to charge your phone for the next day? And you have a meeting or a job interview to attend to? Well, how would you tell what time is it if you don't have a charged phone?! Exactly, which is why you'll always need a back up plan. But for those that don't want just any clock, we've found 5 unique wall clocks just for you! Aren't you lucky?

5 unique wall clocks that'll look cool in your home

Multifunctional LED Digital Clock - unique wall clocks

Multifunctional LED Digital Clock

This isn't your typical clock, but can also tell temperature and show the calendar. It comes with a remote control where you're able to switch between these functions. The clock can also countdown -- ultra long countdowns to be exact, 99 days and 99 hours and 99 minutes. This isn't a huge clock, but its a great subtle size. The product dimensions are 17" wide x 6" height.

Check Amazon to view current price and availability



3D Digital Modern Contemporary Decor Clock

If you want a normal clock, but yet different, this might be something that'll fit in your home. The 3D numbers make this clock one of the most unique (yet normal) clock I've seen yet! Simple, fashion and practical design. This clock adopts the quartz movement to provide you precise time. Be warned, this isn't a big clock, so if you like a clock that doesn't stand too much on your wall, then this could be the perfect one.

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I'm Always Late Clock

This is a pretty funny clock. Numbers are off, and "Whatever, I'm always late" saying. This could be a perfect gift for those friends that are never on time. Its simple, yet elegant. I love the red hour and minute hands that goes with the white background. Could be great for on the table, or on the wall. Definitely a great gag gift.

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LED World Clock - Displays Time As Text - unique wall clocksLED World Clock - Displays Time As Text

This unique wall clock displays text in five minute intervals. If you want something cool and unique, then this clock is probably just the one you're looking for. Tired of ready numbers? Lets just read text, because why not? The words are selectively highlighted to display the correct time. The product dimension is 8" by 8", not too big for your minimalistic decor. Your friends will definitely think you have good taste, especially if you're trying to impress a girl.

Check Amazon to view current price and availability


Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock

This cool wall design is made of bent stainless steel with a black finish (also available in multiple colors). Its quartz movement for allowing precise and maintenance-free measurements. If you want just a simple and elegant clock for your wall, then this might be the perfect one. 

Check Amazon to view current price and availability

These unique wall clocks are some of my favorite clocks I've seen. Would definitely love your thoughts and if you see any other ones that are worth sharing, please comment below! If you're out of ideas for gifts, these clocks might be a great gift!

Quitting a Boring Job to Become a Tattoo Artist – The Results

Everyone has dreams of doing what they love, but because of personal situations, doing what they love has always been a struggle. There's no actual blue print of getting where they want to. For some people, it comes easy, and for others it may take years. But with every happy ending there comes a story of misery, sweat breaking, and dedication. One thing for sure is if you want something so badly, you'll make it happen. 

Here's a story of a tattoo artist leaving his steady and boring job into doing what he loves

"Everybody asks me the story of the red dot quite a lot. Actually it has a special meaning for me. Hence I will give you some boring personal details about myself. My story as a designer started when I was studying German Philology at Hacettepe University. I was already working as a graphic designer back then to support myself. I was expecting to be happy doing what I like, but after my graduation I realised my life is not going in the direction that I wanted. I have tried many jobs. I worked as a window-dresser, purchase manager, trade specialist and who knows what else. The more I tried, the more miserable I became. I was pretty sure about that; it's impossible to be happy at work and doing what you like at the same time in this corporate world. I was underpaid and unhappy for years until it was making me sick to think about going to work, waking up everyday unhappy. I got fed up at the end and decided to quit my job.

I started to draw at that time to feel good and after a while I thought “I should turn this drawing into tattooes. They look good on skin!” I gave it a try at home and I figured it's the job I want for all of my life.

Learning period was painful for me because I didn't know any tattoo artist. Since I couldn't get any help or tips, this period took longer than it was supposed to be and it passed by trial and error but after few months I have already started tattooing poeple whom I don't know of.

Suddenly I was out of that soul crushing work routine and I was so happy to do what I like. I wanted to reflect this on my work and I honoured this change with the red dot. I like black tattooes and I didn't want to involve colors thats why a bright red dot was the best choice to catch a contrast with a pitchblack tattoo. It also created a contradiction to burdensome times in my past and It was to symbolise hope and courage. My customers like the idea of the red dot and they started to give meanings to their own dots. It was health for one, happiness for another, a lost relative, a planet or just a sinking sun. Two years has been past since my first tattoo. During this time I tattooed hundreds of people from all around the world. I listened their stories. I have became part of their lifes and I helped them to carry their stories on their bodies with secret symbols.

I work at our own studio with my friends that I got a lot of help and information after a lone tattooing adventure.

Now I work with people that I admire side by side and I do what I like to do. Therefore, I hope this post helps people who need of a change in their life and think its too late to catch their dreams."

More on Instagram

Let us know which one is your favorite.

h/t boredpanda

Italy is Giving Away 100+ Castles for Free to Millennials!

That's right! You read it correctly... Italy's government-run State Property Agency has come up with a new scheme to attract tourists. They're offering away 103 castles, towers, inns, farmhouses and medieval monasteries... for free! 

The catch: you'll have to come up with a proposal to turn these abandoned properties into something functional that'll attract tourists - be it a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, its just got to be of use.

The properties are spread across eight historic districts in Italy, and they're all along the country's incredible coastline from the North all the way down to Sicily.

For a chance to win one, submit a proposal on their website, specifying how you plan to use the property into a hotpost. Special preference is given to millennials (those under 40).

h/t: vice

12 Websites That Can Make You Incredibly Smarter Than Your Peers

With the current power of technology, information today can be accessed easily through online. If you're reading this, that means, you already have some interest in some kind of self-improvement. Self learning has been more popular as the amount of information available online is increasing. This is a positive thing because it can broaden our knowledge and experience different topics that interests us. Changing career now a days is a lot easier than it was before. There are a lot of useful websites out there that can help you do that. Even if you're not planning on changing careers, we believe that you should constantly improve yourself whether its in the workforce, or personal life.

Here's a list of 12 websites that you can use to expand your knowledge base and seize new opportunities

1. Brain Pump

If you want to learn something new and interesting every day, then Brain Pump will be the perfect place for you. There are topics such as technology, chemistry, food, chemistry, history, casual science, game design, and much more.


2. Udacity

Brought to you buy the very same people from Google, Udacity focuses on active learning. Its mission is to bring higher education to people around the world and help them improve in their careers. There are lessons from self-driving cars, to building full scale websites. This website is taught by professionals from Google, Amazon, Facebook and much more.


3. Quora

Quora's mission is to connect people who have knowledge for those that are in need. Quora is our generation's Yahoo Answers. You can think of it as Yahoo Answers on steroids. You can ask pretty much anything and get answers pretty quickly. You can also share your own knowledge if you choose to.


4. Psychology Today

Thinking about self-improvement and mental health? Psychology Today is the perfect website for you. This site gathers a group of writers, academics, psychologists and psychiatrists to help spread knowledge and educate people on a number of topics, such as parenting, memory, anxiety, cognition, and many more.


5. MIT OpenCourseWare

Dreamt of going to MIT before? Well, they now offer free courses online. MIT OpenCourseWare is a place where you can find more than 2,000 MIT courses that can help you enrich your knowledge base. Courses can range from Business Management to Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Algebra, and so on.


6. Investopedia

Want to get into finance or perhaps you're interested in investing? Investopedia is the right place for you. You can learn everything about personal finance and investing from a team of data scientists and financial experts.


7. Highbrow

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Highbrow offers 5-minute lessons and is delivered to your inbox daily. You'll be able to improve your brain's health, SEO, HTML/CSS, boost your emotional intelligence, about body language, and many other topics.


8. Guides

Guides is a free publishing platform where different bloggers, researchers, authors, and teachers can share their knowledge. You can learn almost everything with Guide's "How To" articles from entrepreneurship, fitness, health, design, and so on.


9. Creative Live

Do you have a creative mind? Or perhaps you want to step away from your mundane work, and find something more creative to do? CreativeLive offers online workshops about photography, music, video, design, crafting and so on. This is the place to unlock your creative potential. You might be surprised on how much you can learn.


10. Code School

Want to learn about coding? Code School offers over 60 courses on various programming languages. Every course is designed as if you're playing a video game so you'll never be bored of it!


11. Chalk Street

Another amazing website full of online courses, Chalk Street presents you with more than 60,000 lessons on technology, business, yoga, arts and lifestyle, languages, smartphone, photography, Excel, and pretty much anything you need to get you ahead of your peers.


12. Makezine

If you're a crafty DIY and/or inventor type-of-person, then Makezine will be your #1 source for step by step articles related to technology and awesome cool innovations.


How to make the most of self-learning

There are a lot of information out there, so it will sometimes be difficult for you to focus. I know I've been there. However, in order to make the most out of your self-learning experience is to set goals, and ask yourself why you want to know more about a certain topic. FIrst set mini goals, and after you meet each goal, make sure to cross it off your list of goals (this is how you can keep track of your progress). This is also a motivational tool since it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Then finally make a schedule of your goals, how much time you'd like to spend each week learning and when do you plan to finish your lessons. Then all you have to do is stick to it! If you find yourself feeling uninterested, go back to why you learned it in the first place.

19 Best Friends That Will Go Above and Beyond For Each Other

These friends have each other's back that any true best friends would have! Can you say that you have a friend who is impressively extra as the ones listed below?

These best friends would do anything for each other, and we really love reading these things. Let us know if you have this type of friendship! 

11 Funny Texts That'll Get You Through Your Day

Need a break from your work? Read some of these funny texts, and have a laugh. Sometimes laughter is a great stress relief. We hope that by the end of this list, you'll be having a better day! 

Always check before you press send, because some of these text messages are hilarious and you don't want to be get caught on the web!

This South African Resort Will Keep You Speechless

The Lion Sands Game Reserve, located at the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa is an exotic destination for those adventurous travelers that wants to experience observing wildlife animals roam wild while staying in a luxurious resort. The resort includes amenities such as spa services, fine dining, and swimming pools. The stunning place offers breath taking views of hippos, lions, and giraffes. 

Lion Sands offers guests the opportunity to stay in their choice of five lodges and three tree houses, each with its own unique experience. Each lodge is very spacious with private decks that overlook gorgeous sights such as the Sabie River and Kruger National Park. This stunning place with its incredible natural backdrop is no doubt a resort of our dreams. 

Lion Sands Game Reserve Website

Artist Doodles Hilarious Characters On Rich People’s Showers

This artist doodled hilarious animated creatures in rich people's showers. In addition, you'll be able to see all the cool showers that people have built with their hard earned money. It's amazing the creativity that the people go through for their showers, well with money, you'll want to have the best, not the mention, have the best shower too. The artist goest by the name of Artxauroraxart. You can checkout more of his art here.

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Glass Igloo with Amazing Northern Lights Views in Finland

Have you ever fantasized what it'll be like living in a igloo is like? There's a place in Kakslauttanen, Finland, known as the Igloo Village where its pretty much like the Rolls-Royce of ice hotels. Each of the igloo has glass ceiling (special thermal) allowing you to gaze at the northern lights and the millions stars, all while relaxing comfortably in your cozy room (equipped with a toilet, bed, hot sauna). The outdoor temperature is drop under -30C and yet, you'll still be very comfortable within the igloo. The hotel also offers a snow restaurant, an ice gallery with ice sculptures, a snow chapel for those that are thinking about tying the knot.

The Igloo Village starts its season each year between December and January, and depending on the weather condition, it can stay open until the end of April. The hotel offers 20 glass igloos, 60 beds in the snow igloos, and restaurant allowing up to 150 people.

If you're ever in Finland and want the option of staying in a glass igloo, the arctic resort in Kakslauttanen might be your best choice!

Hotel Kakslauttanen website

Rooms with Unbelievable Views You Would Rather Be In Now

Ever experienced a room with amazing views? Rooms with such feature comes with a hefty price, but for a good reason. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand  and you see a panorama view of the city scape. Perhaps a sunrise overlooking Central Park in New York, or even waking up to the sounds of the ocean? We have a good list of rooms around the world that offers amazing views.