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  • Travel Hacks – 21 Simple Hotel Hacks Found In 2016

    So you’ve decided to put your savings into good use, and there’s no better way to do that than to travel around the world. Contrary to most beliefs, traveling isn’t that expensive. You don’t need to take out all your hard earned money just for a single trip. In fact, you can actually squeeze in […]

  • This Photographer Captures Beautiful Mountains In Europe

    Karol Nienartowicz is a 29 year old mountain photographer from Poland. He’s visited 20 European countries and photographed the Alps in Switzerland to the mountains of Albania. Nienartowicz isn’t afraid to take risks, climbing treacherous routes and spending cold cold nights. To him, these beautiful mountains in Europe are worth the risks. More info: Facebook

  • Mars one project

    You Can Finally Travel To Mars In 2023

    Are you ready to leave earth and be one of the first inhabitants of Mars? Sign up for Mars One and get a one way ticket to the red planet. Yes, there’s no turning back once you board the spaceship. You will leave all your earthly possessions, your friends, and family behind to become a […]

  • This Company Is Paying Their Employees To Travel Around The World

    ThinkPARALLAX, an 11-person creative agency that values their employees to deliver innovative ideas to help construct and promote brand identities has invested $1,500 of traveling budget to each staff member to take a trip anywhere around the world. The idea is to help inspire them through life experiences, outside of their stagnant comfort zones, with a few reasonable stipulations: […]

  • 23 Worst Travel Gadgets Ever Invented

    There are some outrageous inventions out there… here are some for your entertainment. You’ll be glad you never knew these travel gadgets ever existed. 1. Ostrich Pillow I don’t think it makes you look ridiculous at all. 2. Walkable Shelter Perfect when you just need to crash anywhere. 3. Air Conditioned Jacket Have the jacket on when […]

  • 28 Captivating Photographs of Tiny Humans Lost In Nature

    Nature has always been the perfect place to help us escape from our daily worries, and makes us feel like our problems are small and insignificant, putting it all into perspective. These photographs shows just how small we can be when we’re eclipsed by the powerful wonder of the great outdoors. Look deep into nature, […]