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  • Guy Makes Homemade Hoverboard And Tested It At A Skatepark

    You’ve probably recently seen the KickStarter campaign on the Hendo Hoverboards, but I bet you’ve never seen this one before… That’s because this one’s homemade! Yes, thats right! Ryan Craven of Austin, TX, took it out to a skatepark to test it out. Check out his website where he’ll reveal how you’ll be able to make one!

  • Cool Robohand For 7 Yr. Old Boy Born Without Fingers

    Orono High School students created a robohand for 7 year old boy Johnny Skoog. He was born with a thumb, but no other fingers in his right hand. His aunt asked a technology and engineering teacher if it’d possible to make Johnny a robotic hand as a project using the school’s 3D printer. Nine months […]

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  • Deep fried Macbook

    Check Out What Deep Fried Gadgets Look Like

    Brooklyn-based still life and fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves, deep fried old gadgets to show the similarity between tech culture and fast food. Both are quickly devoured and then discarded because of our appetite for the newest product. “I like to play with food and the juxtaposition of different worlds. I found a video of some japanese […]

  • 7 Apps For Traveling Foodies: Finding The Best Local Eats

    If your favorite thing about traveling is trying new food restaurants, then you need to know how to navigate through the city’s restaurant scene. You probably know now that trustworthy recommendations can be hard to come by, but if you ever do find that gem, you’ll be expected to wait long lines, or even possibly have trouble finding […]