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  • Is Gluten-Free The Answer To Your Problems?

    by Aicacia Young, registered dietitian, sponsored rock climber, and creator of Climb Healthy, an online health resource for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme athletes. She hopes to inspire others to conquer their fears, push their limits, and pursue their dreams in the healthiest way possible. If you’d like to receive her FREE Top 10 Recovery Meals eBook, […]

  • Mediterranean Diet Lowers Risks of Cognitive Decline

    What you eat affects your body health but also your brain health. One of the best brain-healthy diets seems to be the Mediterranean diet: What is it and why is it good for the brain? What is the Mediterranean Diet? The Mediterranean diet typically involves high intakes of fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals and unsaturated fats (mostly […]

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  • 5 foods that you should avoid at all costs

    Let’s face it, the human race in general is not very healthy in the slightest, with life expectancies actually decreasing and food related medical and health conditions becoming more and more common every single year. We’re a race of binge eaters and we’re now really paying the price. Our waistlines are expanding, we’re getting fatter, […]

  • 7 Popular Diets To Get You Into Amazing Shape!

    Nowadays, it is simply best to take good care of your body and be in proper shape. To be physically fit and in good shape, it is not enough to just do regular exercise. One has to be mindful of proper eating habits as well. Practicing a healthy lifestyle can be quite a challenge, but […]