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    Graffiti Artist Played With Authorities, Escalated Hilariously

    The images below shows an amusing photo series of what happens when a British graffiti artist battles with the local authorities. These images were posted on Mobster, an “organized artistic crime” group, that documents images of work found on streets and other locations by persons unknown. “I cycled past this wall on the way to […]

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    Pills That Can Make Your Farts Smell Like Roses And Your Poop Sparkle

    Scented Flatulence Pills Frenchman Christian Poincheval, invented flatulence pills that can make farts smell like roses or chocolates. This was after he was nearly suffocated with the smell of farts during his copious dinner with friends. His products have been approved by health authorities because they are all made with natural ingredients such as: seaweed, […]

  • Artist Spent A Decade Of His Life Carving A Cave With His Dog

    Artist Ra Paulette spent a decade of his life carving a cave and the result is simply amazing. His skills and dedication turned this sandstone cave in New Mexico into a wonderful masterpiece. The purpose of this gigantic artwork is to create a place that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well-being”. The first cave he […]

  • Artist Uses Two Sketchpads To Create Amazing 3D Artworks

    Japanese artist Negi Hideyuki, uses two sketchpads to create amazing 3D artworks. Actually, he can work with one or many as long as the surfaces are perpendicular to each other or forming a 90 degrees angle to create the 3D visual effect, but most of the time he only uses two. Colored or black and white, […]

  • Sugar High: Wotsit All About?

    Sugar high is that instant boost of energy after consuming huge amount of sugar, that it’s almost euphoric. London based photographer James Ostrer, interpreted this worldwide addiction to sweets by covering his human subjects with it. Wotsit All About shows comparisons between the paganism of early tribes and modern man’s sugar worship in a comical, […]

  • This Guy Turns Snapchats Into Creative Work of Art

    This creative individual, that goes by the name @geeohsnap, takes pictures of random people and adds sketches using Snapchat. He often sketch ideas and funny situations on the way to work or public transportation. His reason for creating these artful snaps? To bring smiles to people’s faces…

  • Illustrator Makes Starbucks Cup A Little More Lively

    Starbucks Siren was a symbol to capture the seafaring history of coffee and Seattle’s strong seaport roots. Now, anywhere you go, you’ll recognize exactly where the green mermaid’s logo is from. A talented artist, Soo Min Kim, based out in Seoul turned the iconic Siren into something more meaningful. For those that work the 9-5 shift, […]

  • 20 Clever & Creative Ways To Repurpose & Transform Old Stuff

    Check out 20 clever and creative ways to repurpose and transform ordinary objects into useful stuff! 1. Old Ladder Into Bookshelf via 2. Vintage Suitcase Into Chair via 3. Chair Into Shelf/Closet Unit via 4. Old Books Into Shelves via real 5. Bowlers Into Lamps via 6. Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors via country 7. Hangers Into Room Divider […]