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Top 5 Unique Wall Clocks For Your Modern Home

There are gazillion different types of wall clocks in this modern day. I know, I know… You’re probably asking yourself, when was the last time I’ve ever looked on a wall to tell time? I totally get it, most of us use our phone and/or computer. However, I still think there’s a time (pun intended) and place for everyone, especially for those that love unique wall clocks as decors for their home. 

Imagine you came home late one night, maybe from a party, drunk out of your mind, and you forgot to charge your phone for the next day? And you have a meeting or a job interview to attend to? Well, how would you tell what time is it if you don’t have a charged phone?! Exactly, which is why you’ll always need a back up plan. But for those that don’t want just any clock, we’ve found 5 unique wall clocks just for you! Aren’t you lucky?

5 unique wall clocks that’ll look cool in your home

Multifunctional LED Digital Clock - unique wall clocks

Multifunctional LED Digital Clock

This isn’t your typical clock, but can also tell temperature and show the calendar. It comes with a remote control where you’re able to switch between these functions. The clock can also countdown — ultra long countdowns to be exact, 99 days and 99 hours and 99 minutes. This isn’t a huge clock, but its a great subtle size. The product dimensions are 17″ wide x 6″ height.

Check Amazon to view current price and availability



3D Digital Modern Contemporary Decor Clock

If you want a normal clock, but yet different, this might be something that’ll fit in your home. The 3D numbers make this clock one of the most unique (yet normal) clock I’ve seen yet! Simple, fashion and practical design. This clock adopts the quartz movement to provide you precise time. Be warned, this isn’t a big clock, so if you like a clock that doesn’t stand too much on your wall, then this could be the perfect one.

Check Amazon to view current price and availability

I’m Always Late Clock

This is a pretty funny clock. Numbers are off, and “Whatever, I’m always late” saying. This could be a perfect gift for those friends that are never on time. Its simple, yet elegant. I love the red hour and minute hands that goes with the white background. Could be great for on the table, or on the wall. Definitely a great gag gift.

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LED World Clock - Displays Time As Text - unique wall clocksLED World Clock – Displays Time As Text

This unique wall clock displays text in five minute intervals. If you want something cool and unique, then this clock is probably just the one you’re looking for. Tired of ready numbers? Lets just read text, because why not? The words are selectively highlighted to display the correct time. The product dimension is 8″ by 8″, not too big for your minimalistic decor. Your friends will definitely think you have good taste, especially if you’re trying to impress a girl.

Check Amazon to view current price and availability


Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock

This cool wall design is made of bent stainless steel with a black finish (also available in multiple colors). Its quartz movement for allowing precise and maintenance-free measurements. If you want just a simple and elegant clock for your wall, then this might be the perfect one. 

Check Amazon to view current price and availability

These unique wall clocks are some of my favorite clocks I’ve seen. Would definitely love your thoughts and if you see any other ones that are worth sharing, please comment below! If you’re out of ideas for gifts, these clocks might be a great gift!

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