Artist Spent A Decade Of His Life Carving A Cave With His Dog

Artist Ra Paulette spent a decade of his life carving a cave and the result is simply amazing. His skills and dedication turned this sandstone cave in New Mexico into a wonderful masterpiece. The purpose of this gigantic artwork is to create a place that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well-being”.

The first cave he sculpted was in 1987 on public land in Arroyo Seco after working on a series of odd jobs. It’s called the ‘Heart Chamber’ and it immediately became a major landmark. Soon he was commissioned by art-lovers to sculpt caves, but it was short-lived due to artistic differences.

He tried hiring several workers to speed up the work, but they couldn’t get his digging process. He’s only assistant and companion was his faithful dog. He chose to let go of all these commission projects and decided to create a 10-year project, his magnum opus.


Ra Paulette carving a cave

Ra Paulette carving a cave

Ra Paulette carving a cave

Ra Paulette carving a cave

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Written by Jaimie Hidalgo

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