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    This Guide Will Help You Become An Extreme Female Solo Traveler

    Tired of the comfort of your own home? Because you’re a female, you might be reluctant to travel by yourself. Well, let me tell you that its possible. Cassie De Pecol, 28-year-old woman (current age at the time of this writing), set a world record visiting every country by herself. That has to be very impressive right?

    You can listen to her TED talk:

    It definitely is possible to do it, and we have an infographic to get you started:

    For the female solo traveler



    infographic for female solo traveling guide around the world

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    The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk After 1 Year

    andy ramage using a standing desk

    Who said standing desks doesn’t have any benefits?

    Well, let me tell you, it does.

    And this is what Andy Ramage, the co-founder of Aalpha Energy and OneYearNoBeer, noticed after 1 year of using a standing desk (I believe this would be a universal thing):

    1. Your back won’t hurt anymore.

    Its no doubt that a lot of your back pains can be caused from prolonged sitting. Andy noticed that his back started feeling better after just 2 weeks of using a standing desk.

    2. You’ll feel much more productive.

    Sitting down equals slouching. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone does it. If you’re not slouching, you’re working more efficiently and effectively. You’ll definitely notice your productivity increasing when you’re standing up.

    3. You don’t need that much desk space.

    You may be discouraged because some standing desks require a lot of space, but you’ll start noticing that you won’t really need that much space to begin with. If you can’t find a suitable dimension, there are DIY options that you can look into. Here’s a good step by step DIY article on building a standing desk.

    4. You’ll be on the move all day, burning extra calories.

    Take a look at the book ‘The first 20 minutes’. This book discusses the science on exercising better, and Andy explained how the standing desk helps with burning off the extra calories:

    I discovered that your body likes to protect its current weight. So if you ramp up your levels of exercise your body will want to either rest or eat more in an attempt to balance calories and maintain weight. This is why, initially, it’s hard to drop weight and keep it there. But the good news is once you do – your body will fight to stay at this lighter weight. Reynolds went on to explain that when standing you burn stealth calories that your body does not go looking for. This inspired me to get my standing desk and you can almost feel those extra calories dropping off.

    5. You’ll get used to it.

    Like anything that you do consistently, once you’ve done it a few times, your body will soon adjust to the standing desk.

    6. You’ll remove your chair.

    You probably think that you’re going to need a chair for your breaks, well you might at first, but soon enough, you’ll get used to the standing desk and your chair will no longer be needed. If you still can’t get over the comfort of a chair, try looking into a stool.

    7. Your body will feel stronger.

    Because your body has been adjusted to standing up, you won’t feel as lazy anymore, and your body will feel much stronger, with tons of extra vitality, and fewer aches and pains.

    8. If your work only provided you one, you’ll invest in one for yourself.

    If you don’t think you’ll ever need one at home, well once you start loving a standing desk, you’ll eventually invest in one for the home. Desk Advisor provides a good list of the top standing desks, if you’re ever in the market.

    9. You’ll have more energy.

    Since you’re on the move most of the time, your energy will increase. When you’re slouching, or half a sleep, your energy level drops (and your motivation along with it). But standing up forces you to move around, and motivation increases.

    10. You’ll inspire others.

    With all the benefits you’ve acquired, your coworkers will take notice, and they too will get inspired by your choice of using a standing desk. Energy levels increase, productivity increases, and less pain equals less complaints.

    Andy’s Takeaway

    You’ll feel more productive, burn extra calories, feel stronger and healthier, have more energy and motivation.

    Its not that hard to convert, and if you’re concern with money, try the DIY option.

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    15 Uplifting Quotes for Positive Vibes

    think positive be positive

    Positive mind. Positive life.

    We are so often hit with negativity—negative news, negative perspectives—from pessimistic people that it might seem next to impossible to continue on with a positive spirit. Instead of getting stuck in the negativity, turn to those habitually optimistic people who have figured out how to see the brighter side of life and remain positive no matter what… so you can learn to do the same.

    Here are 15 quotes about positivity from well-known people who have faced failure and success, who despite certain odds and challenges stayed positive. Use their words to get you going on your own good vibes:

    1. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

    2. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

    3. “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

    4. “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

    5. “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.”

    6. “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

    7. “Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power.”

    8. “You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.”

    9. “The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.”

    10. “Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.”

    11. “In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

    12. “I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.”

    13. “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

    14. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

    15. “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so let us all be thankful.”

    Source: success.com

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    10 reasons why you’ll like Tim Ferriss’ new book Tribe of Mentors

    tribe of mentors collage best in the world stackliving

    Tim Ferriss just came out with another book called Tribe of Mentors which is full of short life advice from the best in the world. 

    The format is pretty easy to read. Each chapter is an interview with people such as Ben Stiller, Arianna Huffington, Terry Crews, and many more. 

    You’ll be able to just read a few pages here and there and still get a lot out of it. 

    Tim Ferriss claims that this book is different than his previous book Tools of Titans, where 90% of the material is based on his podcasts, while 90% of Tribe of Mentors has never appeared on the podcast. 

    While some people may still have doubt on whether to get his book, we have compiled 10 reasons why you’ll like Tribe of Mentors:

    1. Simple Clarity

    Simple clarity, a theme that runs throughout ‘Tribe of Mentors’, a theme that Tim Ferriss holds onto dearly.  He likes things to be straight to the point, no BS and no fluff.  This constant theme is a motivator, to give the reader as much beneficial information and experience so that you too can focus on the clarity throughout the aspects of your own life.

    2. Overcoming Fear

    Tim Ferriss is a perfect example of someone who has overcome obstacles that have been placed in their way purposefully to make them want to give up.  When Ferriss was getting ready to publish his second book, it was rejected 37 times by publishers.  That staggering number is something that would break many, but by remembering how important persistence is, you will get a response you’ve been looking for.  Whether it happened on the 25th time or the 50th, it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that you kept trying and that kind of willpower is something you can easily find in between these pages.

    3. Getting Through College

    If you’re young, in school, and trying to find your way in life, this is the piece of literature you should always have with you.  Tim Ferriss has curated these interviews from successful people all over the world in the hopes that you will be able to clearly see the routine of successful people. Not so you can just copy, but so you can find that own sense of self-assurance when flipping through this book.  This book is the perfect tool to help you find that direction you’ve been seeking.

    4. Business Direction

    Just like this novel will help you get through the throws of college, you’ll also be able to benefit from this tool throughout your career journey as well.  There is no one too young or old that will not benefit from this impactful piece of literature.  Tim Ferriss has undoubtedly gone over years of experience when it has come to his own career and the career of others, he’s researched, dug, and persisted until he finally came up with a way to communicate those findings with the people who have been searching for the same thing.  This novel has been a key turning point in many individual’s careers, especially for those who are lost with a blurry future.

    5. Reassessing Priorities

    A current theme in all of Tim Ferriss’ work is the importance of really understanding what is important during your day and what activities are just filler, which ends up wasting time, effort, and money.  When reading this work, you’ll realize how vast improvements in your life can be from simply reassessing your priorities, short term and long term.  The pages and pages of interviews are the driving force behind the hundreds of successful individuals around the world, they will push you in the same motivational way.

    6. Personal Relationships

    Even though Tim Ferriss has been known for his grasp of the business world and the average individual in a career setting, you might be surprised to know that a huge influence in his work surrounds the element of personal relationships.  The relationships we all have in our lives and how they play a very important role in every other aspect of your life.  When reading this book, not only will you learn about your career and your future, but you’ll also learn to balance and enjoy the journey for what it is as well.

    7. Refocus Your Future

    The purpose behind the Tribe Of Mentors book didn’t just come out of thin air, it was born due to its need.  The tool it now is, is the exact tool that Tim Ferriss needed to expand within his own career and life.  By refocusing your goals, you’re finding simple ways that you can now reach the same goals, but with a little bit of wiggle room.  Ferriss developed this book so he could also have a guide into the right direction.  By him sharing this knowledge you will have a good idea of what that direction should be in your own life.

    8. Brilliant People

    Tim Ferriss reached out to pages and pages of individuals, big influencers, small creators, known billionaires, and the faces behind giant hedge funds.  Literally anyone and everyone who he’s ever wanted to speak to, everyone he’s ever wanted to call a mentor.  He spoke to these brilliant people to not only give the reader an inside look of the minds of success, but also because he wanted to know these personal and telling answers.  This book is filled with bright minds and by exploring these pages, you’ll see the routines, patterns and ideas behind some of the most amazing people in the world.  How can that not be on your reading list?

    9. Dealing With Denial

    When Tim Ferriss send out hundreds of emails to these potential mentors, he expected to not get that many interested responses because of their busy schedules.  But he got a mixed amount, a wide range of different responses.  He did get denied, he got denied many times, but that did not stop him from pursuing this very daunting task.  That same kind of persistence will help you reach your goals as well, which is exactly why this series of interviews will change your life as you know it.

    10. The White Whale

    Don’t set limits for yourself.  When you put yourself in a box, you’ll find that you’re making your own personal path to success contain just one more obstacle, one that you created yourself.  By overcoming denial, you will no longer have to put those walls up.  Just like how Tim Ferriss reached out to all of those inspiring people, ten pages worth of individuals that he wanted to talk to, and did he limit his list? No, he even reached out to his “white whale” Neil Gaiman!  Is it guaranteed he would get an email back from any of those people on that list, no, but that didn’t stop his mission. This novel will give you insight on the key ways you can tear those useless walls down because that’s how you start moving forward.

    Get Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors on Amazon

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    Why You Should Stop Caring About Money

    man chasing money

    We’ve all been taught since we were young that money is what runs the world.  We’re brought up to believe that if you have a dollar sign connected to your name, you are successful. But what if we told you, that might not be the truth? We often go through life under the heavy weight of pressure caused by money, greed, and goals that focus on the material world of wealth. But we’re here to tell you exactly why you should stop caring about money, why money shouldn’t be number one on your list of goals and how your other priorities of happiness can not only change your wealth but also your perception of wealth.

    Manage Priorities

    Priorities generally refer to things in your life that will help you in beneficial ways.  But when your priorities circle around money and gaining more and more wealth, you will not find that kind of happiness you long for.  When you constantly chase the next dollar to snatch and put in your busting wallet, you will slowly fall into a toxic repetitive cycle that will deplete you of your determination and motivation in every other aspect of your life.  While it’s no problem to want to have money, to want to gain riches, but when that goal takes up your top spot of priorities, you won’t find that happiness in your life. Money can be a tempting thing, but as we will go into more detail later, a word that should be in the front of your mind moving forward should be “balance”. When you only go after money and put off other goals until you reach your version of financial stability, you’ll become emotionally bankrupt.

    Goals Matter

    It’s important to know that money is not the end game here.  Many people are raised in this society, groomed to think that money is the answer to everything, but it’s not. Money will get you everything you dreamed of but then what will you be left with.  Regardless of the day you accumulate riches and “success” to right now when you’re just getting your foot in the door, the time in between is what matters, that’s the time that should be planned, enjoyed, and full of goals along the way that will make your quality of life something worth living.  While some of that enjoyment will take money, not everything can be bought and happiness doesn’t cost a million.

    Money Isn’t Everything

    We’ve all been there, that place in our life where we ask ourselves, “Is this really it? Is this what I’ve been working for?” If you’ve asked yourself this, you’ve reached a point where a light bulb should go off, where you should realize that you have deprived yourself of the journey.  When you are constantly focused on complete tunnel vision on the end goal of money, you’ll be left bypassing all of the experience and memories you could have had along the way.  This way of pursuing your financial goals will drain you and when you ultimately reach your goals with money faster than anyone else, you can be left disappointed and alone.

    Finding Your Balance

    Everyone is different, our goals are different, and what makes us feel fulfilled day to day is drastically different from person to person.  Which is exactly why finding your own balance between money and happiness should be a priority.  It’s important to remember there is no shortcut to success, success isn’t even a promised reward for years of hard work.  Because of this kind of situation we all find ourselves in some way or another, you need to ask yourself how do you want to live your life now and how will that get you to where you want to be in the future.  When you figure out the now and then, you’ll have a better sense of balance and you’ll be able to reorganize your priorities in a way that will get you what you want while not being miserable.

    What Is Happiness To You?

    Happiness is a broad term, it’s a term that is uniquely shaped and warped to every single individual, that includes how you define it.  Everyone’s definition of what makes them happy could even change in a split second.  Which is why the point isn’t to find a solid definition of what it means to you, but it’s important to have a broad idea of what will make your life worthwhile.  You’re not a bad person for believing that money will make you happy, because in many cases it does make a difference, but at some point, you have to ask yourself: “Is this it?”. Learn to turn your focus to yourself, so that you can then have the capability of branching out and doing more with your life than just chasing the next dollar.

    If you don’t want to take our word for it, see what happened when Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition, stopped chasing money.

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    10 Trips To Take While You’re Still In Your 20s

    brazil travels

    From trekking across mountain ranges in North America to seeing the crystal clear oceans as you travel across the coast for a week-long road trip, we’ve rounded up the top ten trips you need to take in your twenties.  We’ve gathered up a variety of trips, from those who like the great outdoors to those who like the city life, maybe you even like both!  Either way, you won’t be disappointed with any destination on this list and it will be an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. Clear your head and get ready to scratch the surface when it comes to these amazing locations.

    1. Las Vegas

      night time shot of las vegas

      If you want to blow off some steam and hit the strip, you need to go to Las Vegas!  It’s a resort city that’s known for its neon lights and never sleeping community.  You’ll always find something to do because everything is open 24 hours a day!  You’ll meet interesting people and you’ll find experiences that you will never be able to find anywhere else. Plus what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    2. Amsterdam

      Night view of Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

      One of the most trendy places in the world.  It has a massive community of young people who love art and design, it’s a design hub that stacks up against even some of the biggest corporations in America.  Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and you’re bound to find amazing events that surround elements of music, art, history museums, and always a place to rent bikes.  Cruise around the city on a rented bike and you’ll discover just how much beauty this place has to offer.

    3. Canada

      Moraine Lake, Rocky Mountains, Canada

      This is the perfect destination for any individual in their 20s that loves big cities and the big outdoors.  You’ll find a pleasant mix of countryside and modern cities to explore when you visit the vast and beautiful Canada. Plus if you’re currently in America, you won’t even have to fly there if you don’t want to!  You could take a road trip to see this beautiful country.

    4. The Classic Road Trip

      road tripping

      Speaking of road trips, if you’re in your 20s and you haven’t even thought of planning a road trip with your best friends, what are you doing? You need to sit down right now and plan a road trip!  Pick a route and sightsee the whole way there.  This is a staple for any young individual, it’s a journey where you’ll find out more about yourself compared to any other travel experience. It’s something that will never be forgotten!

    5. Greece

      Known for its beautiful coasts, stark white architecture, and a high influence from ancient times.  If you’re someone who loves to travel and soaks up any knowledge they can about history, Greece is the ideal destination for you.  The mix of modern design and classic Greek culture is blatantly apparent and it’s something that will culture shock you no matter where you’re coming from.  From the party resorts in Mykonos to the black sand beaches of Santorini, you’ll fall in love with this travel must.

    6. Denver

      Denver is probably one of the more laid back places on this list.  It’s an old city with a modern community.  If you love to sip a latte in a cafe and read the latest hipster magazine, this is the place to do it.  You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed, surrounded by amazing people and nature as soon as you step foot out of the city.  You won’t regret coming here.

    7. Brazil

      brazil travels

      Known for its amazing stretches of crystal clear beaches, Brazil is known for their culture.  Their rich love of festivals, parties, flamboyant attire and dance, you’ll be sure to gain the confidence to jump out of your comfort zone.  Not only will it be just about the parties, you’ll also learn much more about the very deep-rooted culture that exists here, plus great food!

    8. Paris

      paris city view with eiffel tower in backgroundParis is the capital of France, one of the most well-known hubs of commerce in the world.  It’s an eclectic mix of old and new, young and old, fashion and history.  It has everything you could want, which is why we suggest that if you plan on visiting here, make sure you have time and resources because you won’t want to miss out on anything!

    9. Los Angeles

      los angeles sunset view

      A classic on this list, the Hollywood sign looming over the city, the busy streets, collective culture of interesting individuals, LA is the city where you will never know what to expect.  One of the most diverse cities in America, LA is proud to represent every heritage and culture within its streets. LA is a must if you love great street food, fun people, and crazy encounters.

    10. Dublin

      city dublin traveling

      Dublin is the capital of Ireland, located on the east coast you can bet there are some scenic views you can’t find anywhere else. With a wide variety of culture and Irish Heritage, if you have Irish in your blood, this needs to be a number one priority destination on your list.  Not only will you learn so much about your history, but you’ll learn more about yourself.

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    10 Changes You Need To Make In Your Lifestyle to be a Better Husband

    husband and wife laughing on the beach

    Figuring out how you can be a better husband can sometimes be a bit tricky. For any spouse it can be hard to figure out ways to change yourself to make your partner more happy, but what if we told you you don’t have to make a ton of drastic changes to achieve this? Because it’s true, which is why we’ve curated a top ten list to capture everything you need to know when it comes to being a better husband and enriching your current lifestyle.

    1. Actually Listen

      Taking the time to actively listen to your partner will flip your whole world upside down. When you become too comfortable with your spouse, it’s easy to tune out certain things you don’t feel like dealing with that particular day. But when you remember to put in the effort and treat your spouse with a listening ear and heartfelt advice, it’s something that will be appreciated. This kind of care should be mutual between you two, because everyone wants someone to listen to them.

    2. Show Respect

      As obvious as this tip should be, we still wanted to include it on this list because of all the misogynist stories that are currently happening around us in the world. Treating your spouse with respect is a guaranteed way to have a long and healthy relationship. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

    3. Encourage Your Wife

      Encourage, support, and help your wife achieve what they actively have set their goals towards. When you help your wife by giving her the encouragement she seeks, you’ll be able to see her go above and beyond when it comes to her own goals. Not only that, but she will also do the same for you if you two have a balanced and healthy relationship.

    4. Learn Something New Together

      Start a new hobby, learn something new together. This can offer a great bonding experience that really showcases the love between you two. Take a cooking class or a dance class together and watch your love bloom together as you find something fun and entertaining to bring you two closer.

    5. Remember The Middle Ground

      Don’t let yourself get too caught up in the moment, find the middle ground between yourself and your wife so you can learn to move on together from any situation that might try to pull you apart. Remember that you both have the choice to be the bigger person when an argument arises, be that person and encourage your spouse to do the same, so you two can talk, instead of fight against every choice the other makes.

    6. Be In The Moment

      Learn to be in the moment when it comes to life in general and specifically your relationship. When you learn to be in the moment, you’ll be actively learning to accept your life as it is so you can have a clear head of focus to put towards your goals and building your relationship with your wife. Being in the moment doesn’t mean you need to disregard your goals, it just means enjoying the journey with your wife, together.

    7. Celebrate Together

      Celebrate the little things together, learn to find that love for all the little things in both of your lives. Having a small glass of wine and having a tiny moment of reflection and appreciation for your wife’s job promotion or accomplishing her other goals will give you both a sense of security that tells each of you that you both deeply care about one another and also care about what they aspire to do with their life.

    8. Don’t Buy Love

      Don’t get so comfortable that all you can think about doing for your partner to make them happy is to buy them a diamond ring or an expensive necklace. Give your wife something you can’t buy, listening, care, a pampering day, anything that shows a deeper connection than just material things. While material things can be nice on occasion, it shouldn’t be your go-to plan when it comes to a surprise for your partner.

    9. Plan Dates At Home

      Take the time to plan out a beautiful date at home! Start by cleaning the whole house, decorating, finding a favorite movie of your wife’s, and cooking dinner. This is a great and refreshing way to keep the excitement alive between two individuals. This will break the routine of Friday night dinner dates and will add a more personalized and unique touch to your relationship.

    10. Plan A Trip

      Plan a trip, it doesn’t have to be some faraway place, but taking a trip together will give you both time to clear our mind and it will bring the two of you closer. Pay attention to the details because your wife will notice and appreciate the gesture even more. Make sure that you both have a great time and use this little vacation to work on your bond together as a husband and wife.

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    10 Ways To Instantly Feel More Motivated


    It can be quite difficult to get started on the work you have planned, in fact, any aspect of life can be difficult to cope with when it comes to mustering up enough motivation to complete a task.  We’ve curated the top ten tips to help you take action against procrastination and the habit of “just doing it later”.

    We’ll be going over all the most helpful ways to feel motivated and actually accomplish the goals you set out for yourself.

    10 Ways to start your motivation

    1. Start Small

      Start as small as possible.  When you sit down and look over your schedule and see a massive list of tasks ahead, it can become overwhelming and difficult to know where to even begin.  Take one thing at a time and start small.  Focus only on that task and when you complete what you set out to do, start again on the second.

    2. Write It Out

      Take time to rewrite your schedule.  Sometimes when you have a list of tasks all jumbled up and not in the order that you would realistically complete them, it can easily be an instant motivator and peace of mind if you take 10 minutes to rewrite the schedule in a more organized way.  If your order your to-do list in the order you will complete your tasks throughout the day, you’ll have a more natural flow.

    3. Build On Success

      Even if you have more tasks to complete throughout the day, if you accomplish something or even just finish a task, you should take a moment to embrace that sense of success.  Build on your success and accomplishments so you can feel motivated to continue with what you have ahead.

    4. Find Inspiration

      Find inspiration everywhere around you.  Get out of the office on your lunch break, take a moment to walk and enjoy the outdoors, or even take a morning jog to feel energized before heading into the office.  Anything can give you the feeling of inspiration and when you feel inspired you’ll feel motivated to keep that momentum up throughout the rest of the day.  Take a moment to really discover what inspires you and gets you excited to accomplish whatever you have to in your life.

    5. Ask For Help

      It’s never too late to reach out for much needed support no matter what you’re going through.  Whether that means that you reach out to coworkers, your boss, or close friends and family.  If you feel like you need help, just ask.  Once you finally ask someone for support you’ll feel motivated and encouraged to take on the tasks in front of you. Don’t feel ashamed to reach out to the people around you, you would be surprised just how often this can encourage you to push yourself with the support of those close to you backing you up.

    6. Talk About Your Goals

      This will help push you into committing, when you tell someone your goal or even posting about it on social media, you’re letting others hold you accountable. You’ll feel like you need to keep your word and you’ll feel motivated to work towards those mentioned goals.  We usually never like looking bad in front of people we care about, which is why even the smallest mention could potentially be a great source of motivation for you throughout the day.  Take the time to write something out on social media in the morning so you can get focused and start working as early as possible.

    7. Imagine How You Will Feel

      Instead of thinking about how hard a task will be, switch up your perspective and instead imagine how great you will feel when you finish something.  That in itself is an accomplishment.  When you think of the feeling of achievement, take that and use it to motivate.  Use that endgame feeling to reach the finish line so you can continue to focus on what you need to do.

    8. Immerse Yourself In Your Community

      When you’re surrounded by people who are heavily involved in what you’re interested in or aspects that play a role in your career, you’ll instantly want to keep up with the competition in a healthy way.  Immersing yourself in your community is a perfect way to feel motivated and reach your goals that have been set out.  Start going to job events at your office or even pick some classes at the local college that fall into your career field. 

    9. Take Care Of Yourself

      By putting your health in the forefront of your priorities, you’ll instantly see that your life will change almost completely.  When you start working out and eating clean, you’ll find that you have a clearer mind, more focus, and more energy to put towards whatever you want to.  This kind of natural drive will come forth and give you that little bit of extra motivation you’ve been missing.

    10. Plan Ahead

      Don’t put off anything.  When you think about something, jot it down.  If you think of a task you need to accomplish tomorrow, organize it in your todo list in an organized way so you don’t become overwhelmed.  Keep your plans organized, don’t just scrawl a ton of notes and tell yourself that you’ll deal with it later.  Plan ahead so you can be one step ahead of everyone else.  This in itself will motivate you since it will be easier to just get started when you want to.

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    10 Toxic Relationships You Need To Steer Clear Of

    male and female wearing gas mask - toxic relationship

    In today’s world, toxic relationships are everywhere, you could even be in one right now.  While toxicity could lurk anywhere and around any corner, it usually breeds more in romantic relationships, long term connections and even in the dating scene. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship that’s just been burdened with guilt and fights, it can be really easy to not even see what is right in front of you because of how much you care for another individual.  But there is something that we should all remember, and that is: it’s completely okay to admit if you’re in a toxic relationship.  That’s you taking the first step towards leaving that environment and working on your own life without some other individual bringing you down and holding you back.

    1. The Perfectionists

      The perfectionist is the kind of individual in a relationship that needs to have everything their way.  They seem to not understand that a relationship is a mutual collaboration between two individuals.  They are the kind of individuals that will throw a fit or argue when something isn’t perfect in their eyes.

    2. The Liar

      This type of toxic relationship is usually one sided and pretty straight forward.  The liar is usually the individual in the relationship that constantly makes up little white lies to cover for not wanting to put their energy and compassion into the relationship itself.

    3. The Abusive One

      This type of relationship is tricky, because there are so many different ways that an individual can bring abuse into a relationship which will immediately turn it into a toxic environment.  Whether it’s emotional, physical, or manipulation, speak out against this kind of behavior and stay far away from it.

    4. The Cheater

      The kind of relationship where you’re in love with someone while they trick you into thinking that they are being 100% faithful, when in reality they aren’t at all.  This kind of toxicity is so common and never okay to put someone through.

    5. Always Negative

      If you find yourself in a relationship that is entirely surrounded by negativity, it can almost be blinding, making it hard to truly see what is right there in front of you.  Stray away of this kind of negativity because it will just cause you to feel the same.

    6. The Jealous One

      We all know that couple, the couple that constantly deals with jealousy that crosses the line.  To the point that they can’t even hang out with their friends without their partner.  This kind of manipulation and distrust will be hard to mend and we recommend just steering clear of that mess.

    7. Always Blaming You

      If your partner is always blaming you and trying to turn issues that you bring up back on you, then you’re in a toxic relationship with someone who simply will not listen to anything you say. Steer clear of this behavior as it’s highly destructive.

    8. Controlling Everything

      A toxic relationship that involves a partner literally wanting to control every aspect of your life.  This kind of manipulation can be very scarring and abusive towards their partner.  It can make that individual’s future relationships difficult because of the hardships they’ve been through with this relationship.

    9. The Insecure

      While this kind of relationship might not involve obvious abuse, it can still make the other half of the relationship feel trapped and stuck in a situation where they are being drained for their emotional support.

    10. It’s Never Enough

      The kind of toxic relationship that usually is between an individual who wants a normal happy relationship and someone who is constantly comparing their partner with everyone they’ve been with in the past.

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    8 Luxurious and The Most Beautiful Hotels In The World (Photos Included)


    We like to feature some amazing places around the world, from time to time, we’ll get into the riches, why? Well, because some of our readers like to indulge in luxury. Who doesn’t want to go on vacation and get pampered? Just imagine the amazing life experiences you’ll have. These are some of the most luxurious hotels in the world!

    We could all do with a bit of pampering sometimes. And what better way to be pampered than staying in a luxurious hotel? Especially if they offer nice massages too!

    Here’s an interesting tip: If you want to network with the rich and famous, luxurious hotels are the best places to do so. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

    #1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

    This place cost $3 billion USD to build and the results are as expected: quite overwhelming. This makes the third most expensive hotel ever built! It is only surpassed by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas ($3.9 billion USD) and the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore ($5.5 billion USD). If you always fancied riding up to the entrance of a palace (you know like they do in British period movies/shows, where the guests are announced by the door after first riding, or going by horse and carriage, up this long entryway), this could be your chance.

    And it’s not only the entrance which is impressive – you also find marble from 13 different countries, a man made beach, a spa and over 1,000 crystal chandeliers. You might just end up rather dazzled.




    Now, tell me that this isn’t a place you’d want to visit? When you visit Emirate Palace, make sure to splurge on some fine dining.


    Or perhaps have a cocktail over at the cabanas


    More info about the hotel: Emirate Palace, Abu Dhabi

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    10 Exciting Things To Do On Boracay Island, Philippines


    For the past four years, Boracay has been topping the lists of best island destinations in the world. Find out why more and more travellers are falling in love with it and keep coming back.

    Is it just the powdery white sand and warm, tranquil waters? The beachfront buffets and lively evening parties? Or the rosy golden sunsets and teeming underwater marine life? No matter what tickles their fancy, the sights, sounds and tastes of Boracay keep tourists coming back for more. Are you planning your vacation this summer? Consider Boracay and get ready to tick off each item on this list of must-dos at this incredible island getaway.

    #1. Chill, bum and get a massage


    Getting to Boracay is a long journey, traveling cross-contential flights to the Philippines, then the short flight to Caticlan, and then the boat ride; you’ll probably want to relax by testing the waters and laying on the sand. One of the best and cheapest ways to unwind is to get a beach-side massage. Laze on powder-fine sand, listen to gently lapping waves and enjoy the balmy breeze as manangs (lady attendants here referred to as “older sisters”) give you a long and soothing rub-down. Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, reflexology or the local hilot – say the word and they’ll know what to do. Just remember to bring your sarong or a beach towel.

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    11 Gorgeous Beach Bars This World Has To Offer


    If you’re like us, then all you want to do is lay by the pool and sip on some nice cold Mojitos in the summer time. In this article, we will be going through some of the most amazing beach bars in the world with some breathtaking views.

    If you’re reading this article, then that means you’re ready for a new adventure. During the summer we got the heat, and there’s no other way to to beat it than going to one of these beach bars listed below. You’ll be spending most of your leisurely time sipping cocktails (or mocktails, depending on the hour of the day).

    It’s time to close the laptop, turn off the cellphone and toss your worries out the window. It’s time to chill on the beach!

    Beach Bars #1 Baba Nest, Thailand


    The Baba Nest in Thailand is a rooftop bar on the beach, surrounded by an infinity pool and with breathtaking views of the ocean. This bar doesn’t even use chairs! You’ll be sitting on some comfy bean bags, giving you a more relaxing evening.

    This is definitely a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

    But if you live here, then you’re just living in paradise. I know most people don’t ever take advantage of things they have, so if you do live here, make sure you check this spot out!



    #2. Da Conch Shack, Turks & Caicos Islands

    How about a beach bar literally on the beach? Da Conch Shack in Turks & Caicos Island is where you sit by colorful tables underneath the shade of palms trees. Fresh fish is also served, straight out of the ocean, pretty much.



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