17 Women Revealed The Most Cringeworthy Thing Their Partner Said To Them In Public

1. At the casino…


2. To their conservative friend…


3. In front of his friends…


4. Really loud, just behind this girl.


5. In front of his friends (part 2)…


6. This ignorant fool…


7. Across the store.


8. What *does* one do with the skewer?


9. When he went under…


10. This is infuriating.


11. Truly an awkward moment.


12. Making snide remarks…


13. The tables have turned.


14. Inside jokes from the outside.


15. That is really awkward. And rude.


16. Don’t say this. Ever.


17. Nothing like intellectual condescension to ruin your day…


from Distractify

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