11 Gorgeous Beach Bars This World Has To Offer

Get ready to sip on some drinks over breathtaking views!

#9. Mulino Beach Bar, Rovinj, Croatia


With a view of a medical city this bar is a bridge between the old world and the new as it serves vintage wines whilst pumping out electronic beats. And as it goes, it’s not a bad combination. If you like electronic beats and vintage wines, that is.



#10. La Susana, José Ignacio, Uruguay


José Ignacio was once a quiet fishing village, which was discovered by hippies, and eventually started becoming popular from social media. This place was the go-to location for the rich and famous to rest, relax and party undisturbed.

Eventually, this little area started to change. Still, it’s a quaint place to visit, and La Susana is a bar and restaurant attached to a retreat where you can relax in one of the beautiful cabanas, or sit on the beach with a drink. It’s a gathering spot you don’t want to miss out on.





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