10 Exciting Things To Do On Boracay Island, Philippines

#4. Reef-walk


If you prefer an easier, more laid-back alternative to scuba diving, try reef-walking.  Also called helmet-diving or deep-sea walking, it allows you to walk on the ocean floor without an air tank on your back or a regulator in your mouth. You can feed the fish and have as many photos taken as you want – while smiling at the camera, too. There are, of course, scuba tours for those who’d like to be more mobile, as there’re dozens of beautiful sites to explore. Boracay’s clear waters have exceptional visibility at up to 40 meters, where you can view shipwrecks, caverns, cliffs and vertical walls swathed in sponges, gorgonians, soft corals. Get a glimpse of sharks, turtles, rays, barracuda, sea snakes, snappers and tuna.  Night dives will reveal a host of exotic, hard-to-find fish: camouflaged frogfish, pygmy seahorses, spiny lobsters, Spanish dancers, harlequin ghost-pipefish and fire gobies.

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