10 Exciting Things To Do On Boracay Island, Philippines

#2. Island-hop


Once you get your massage, will you be ready to explore? There are a few beautiful islands surrounding Boracay, and boating is one of the easiest, enjoyable and affordable ways to discover the island. You can rent a glass-bottom dinghy, or try the paraw — a local boat with bamboo outriggers. Visit secluded beaches like Diniwid, Puka Shell, Bulabog and Crystal Cove. Have a picnic lunch of fresh fish on the grill then go snorkeling at Crocodile Island or Angol Point. Wrap up the afternoon by drifting slowly across White Beach where, at around 5pm, you’ll see people slowly coming out of their hotel rooms to catch the sunset from the beach — but you’ll be floating lazily on your paraw, sipping wine and enjoying Boracay’s world-famous sunset.

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